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11th April 2018 posted in Landlords

Letting Agent Resources


As an experienced Lettings Agent we know full well that letting a property is a significant challenge. We’ve collated some of our favourite resources to help you with that challenge, from the legal requirements, tax implications and insurance to maximising revenue and dealing with problem tenants.


Read our guides below and when you’re ready to start your buy to let journey you can register as a landlord here.


Legal requirements, qualifications & our services


Get up to speed on the legal requirements for your property:


Our guide on letting Safely:


When you’re picking an agent the qualifications they have help to protect your investment and give you an assurance of quality:


Find out more about the tax implications of earning rental income:


How should you pick landlord Insurance in order to protect your property?


What are buy to let mortgages and how do they differ from regular homeowner mortgages?


Take a look at our services to find out how we can help you let out property:



Tips and Help

Read this great post – Top ten tips for buy to let:

Additionally, here’s our top tips:

Get guidance on finding the right investment property for your portfolio:

Now you’re letting property how do you take steps to maximise income?

Find out about tenancy agreements and how to put one together:


Find out about record keeping for your rental property:


What’s involved with DIY letting?



Problems and Solutions:


Our guide on common problems faced buy landlords:



Find out how evicting a problem tenant works:



Our guide on avoiding some of these problems:



Is there anything else you need to know? We're an expert lettings agent so we're happy to help with any and all questions. Feel free to contact us and let us know.


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