Restaurants You’ll Love In Forest Hill

22nd January 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

When it comes to making the most of life in Forest Hill, you will love the abundance of excellent restaurants on offer in the local area. Whether you eat out regularly or just on special occasions, knowing there is a special place where you and your loved ones can eat in confidence is a significant factor. We are pleased to say there is a lot to like about restaurants in Forest Hill, and we are sure you will love at least one of these eateries, if not them all!

Sfizo serves up the traditional with a twist
Italian food never goes out of fashion, but you may be looking for a unique take or twist when you dine in this manner. It is fair to say Sfizio provides an innovative blend on traditional Italian cuisine. You may not associate Italian dining with tapas, but that is what is on offer in Forest Hill. If you love to share with friends and create a social dining experience, this is likely to be a popular choice.

The décor of the restaurant is traditionally Italian, and the bar area is excellent. Even if you aren’t hungry, you will find a lot to like in the cocktail list, making this a fantastic destination for so many people in the local area.

You can keep the Italian theme going
Le Querce is another excellent Italian restaurant, although this one offers a slice of Sardinian flair. You will also find this restaurant, on Brockley Rise, provides a fantastic and perhaps perplexing range of ice cream flavours. You may have no desire to taste the garlic and aubergine ice cream, but there is a good chance someone you know will.
This is a well-regarded local restaurant that has a long-standing tradition in the local area. If you are keen to dine out while enjoying Italian food, there is a lot to like about what is on offer in Forest Hill

The table below looks at the average price paid in the past 12 months for terraced properties, according to Zoopla, for houses in Forest Hill, Lewisham Borough and London.

You cannot underestimate the importance of excellent facilities on your doorstep when buying property. If you have purchased a home, money is likely to be tight, and you may not plan on eating out too often. However, there is always a cause to celebrate or mark an occasion, and knowing you don’t have to venture too far is a winning concept for most people.

The fact there are so many fantastic restaurants on offer in Forest Hill is just one of the reasons why so many people love the local area. It is doubtful you will choose to buy a home in an area because of the local restaurants, but conversely, if there are no suitable restaurants in an area, you will likely look at homes in other areas.
Indian cuisine is an excellent choice in Forest Hill

A popular Indian restaurant is always welcome, and Forest Hill has a great one. Babur has been operating since 1985, which is an indicator of the high-quality food you are going to receive here. The food and drink options are second to none, but for many people, it is the atmosphere and events that elevate this Indian restaurant to a higher level than what you would normally expect.

This is traditional Indian cooking at its finest, but there is an evolution of what is on offer here. Modern mixology techniques infuse the offerings, ensuring you receive the very best in taste sensations. It is possible to spend the full evening here, having a great time as you catch up with friends, or at least avoid sitting at home for the evening!
With more than 30 years of experience and expertise in Forest Hill, Babur is a local institution, and it is easy to see why it has remained so popular over the years.

Canvas and Cream serves up something a bit different
We love the fact Forest Hill has a sense of individual style and panache. There are many places you can live if you are looking for the same generic experiences, but this isn’t the case with Forest Hill. A perfect example of this is Canvas and Cream, with the name pointing you in the right direction as to what is on offer in this part of London.

This is an art gallery with a difference, claiming to offer a revolutionary take on the way we consume art, and enjoy a night out. This is a gallery with a therapy space, studios, workshops and most importantly, a restaurant cafe. Canvas and Cream is well-regarded, and it has even won awards. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or you are looking for a full night out, this destination on London Road is well worth considering.

The table below looks at the average price paid in the past 12 months for semi-detached properties, according to Zoopla, for houses in Forest Hill, Lewisham Borough and London.

While there is a great deal to be said for honing your cooking skills and serving up great meals at homes, there is also a lot to be said for popping out and having a brilliant meal in the local area. We are sure you will love what Forest Hill restaurants serve up, no matter what your favourite meal is.

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