Retire in Style in Filey

19th July 2018 posted in Buyers Tenants

Retire in style

What do you see yourself doing once you retire? Will you still be throwing yourself into the city sprawl, or do you dream of something a tad slower? Perhaps, something more relaxed and peaceful, where you can explore new hills and valleys slowly. Then, wander along a picturesque shoreline with the salt breeze tussling your hair as you go. How does all of that sound? Heavenly, right?

There are a few places in England where you can do all of these things, but as anyone who has ever visited, worked or lived in Yorkshire can tell you, there’s nowhere quite like this county. And within Yorkshire, there’s nowhere quite like Filey.


In this incredible location you can find whatever it is that makes you truly happy. Whether you’re a foodie or a history buff or a fashion lover, or all three Filey could be a great place to call your home. What really makes Filey shine is the natural splendor of its beaches, and the majesty of its history. Between the small museum which packs a huge punch, and the near endless coastal walks you can stretch your legs till you’re tired, and then you can relax in one of the beautiful cafes that call Filey their home.

Whether you’re choosing to buy or rent in Filey you’ll find something to your tastes. Though this location is a jewel, it’s still an an affordable place to live. If you’re choosing to go down the holiday village route you can find your retirement home for as little as £45,000, or smaller properties in the heart of Filey for £60,000. Or, if you’re going down the rental path then you can choose from a wealth of properties for £335pcm and up. With that said, if you have a larger budget to play with, you can realise pretty much any dream you have.

With the very largest budgets come the grandest homes in Filey. When you reach over the £450,000 mark you can find five and even six bedroomed detached homes which overlook the sea. Between the multiple reception rooms, guest bathrooms and grand bedrooms you’ll quickly be as enthralled with this location as we are. With spare bedrooms abounding you can dedicate spaces to developing your hobbies, or you can host friends and family, bringing even more light and life into your busy retirement days.

People come to Filey from all walks of life and for all kinds of reasons. What attracts them to stay is the sense of community that envelopes all of the town’s inhabitants. With a population of approximately 7000 people, you can enjoy a close community without living in your neighbours’ shadows. Carve your own path here, walk along the beaches and revel in the brilliance of your retirement.