Room Size Regulations Landlords Must Adhere To

29th April 2019 posted in Landlords

Given there have been many regulatory changes for landlords to consider, it is no surprise that many letting industry professionals struggle to keep up to date. At Hunters Camberwell, we aim to provide you with support and guidance relating to the regulations. In October of 2018, the introduction of room size regulations changed the ability for some landlords to operate.

These regulations intend to offer a healthier and more spacious sleeping environment. Most people would agree that this is an outcome that will benefit many people. While these regulations will most affect rogue landlords more than the average landlord, it is vital landlords are aware of the rules relating to room sizes.

Be aware of new regulations impacting on room sizes

The rules state that a person, which refers to an adult or a child who is at least ten years old, must have a minimum of 6.51 square metres. A room intended to sleep two people over the age of 10 years must be at least 10.22 square metres. For a child less than ten years, the place must be at least 4.64 square metres.

This regulation doesn’t impact homeowners, who are free to place adults and children into any size room, the regulation impacts on private landlords.

Understandably, some landlords, particularly landlords with an HMO, have raised concerns. If a tenant is pregnant, their living arrangements may change during the tenancy. Before the new addition to the family, the rental accommodation may have been suitable for them, but with the new child, the rental property may no longer be appropriate. For now, the Government has offered guidance which states that local authorities shouldn’t take action against a landlord is this circumstance arises.

Modern families are more fluid than previous generations

Also, it would be fair to question what happens when additional children come into the family home. Current living arrangements have changed from the traditional family arrangements and expectations, and there is more fluidity in how families live in the present day. These regulations could impact on households where children spend their time in different houses between parents. There is also the situation where step-families come together, changing the make-up of a family overnight, so landlords should familiarise themselves with the make-up of their tenants.

There is no denying that rogue landlords should be targeted to improve living conditions for tenants, and this regulation is one of many measures introduced in recent times. In the long-term, landlords who provide a reliable service will benefit from the removal of rogue landlords. However, these regulations are likely to cause issues in the short-term, and landlords must be ready for matters that arise at short notice.

If you are a landlord in Camberwell who is concerned about this regulation, or any regulation, please get in touch with Hunters Camberwell, we are pleased to say we have helped many local landlords provide the best standard of service to tenants. If you’re looking for guidance or support, contact us, and we will do everything we can to assist you.