Safe viewings with Hunters

29th May 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

Safe Viewings with Hunters

Since the morning of May 13th, Hunters agents have been back at work, conducting safe, socially distanced viewings, getting properties sold nationwide. During this time, it has come to our attention that some of the guidance has not been implemented by some agents, and we wanted to clarify the rules, and where we as a business stand.

Read the government guidance here

Can viewings go ahead as normal?

The short answer. Yes. But some agents are not aware of the detailed guidance that now exists. In addition to the above government guidance, cross-party guidelines from the industry have also been published. Whilst the industry is back up and running, there are some distinct differences compared to how we worked before.

Read the cross party guidance here

How is the guidance being implemented?

All viewings you book with Hunters, are being encouraged as virtual in the first instance. Following interest and qualification, we will allow a physical viewing to take place, but we can not conduct open house viewings.

You must only view a property with people from your household, and our guidance is a maximum of two people, plus the agent, in the property.

We will also ask you some basic health questions before a physical viewing to ensure both the viewer and occupier has had no COVID-19 symptoms.

How can you prove you’re motivated?

AS a buyer, it’s important the agent knows you’re a serious position.

Our advice for you is that you should be able to provide the right financial paperwork to qualify you, instructed solicitors details and key information about the properties you want. This preparation will show to us you’re committed and will reduce the chance of a fall through for our vendors; meaning we’re more likely to offer you more suitable properties.

The Hunters Pledge and more information

To read more detail about our current protocols and our pledge to customers click here