Secrets of Honor Oak

17th July 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

If you are looking at an area to move to, or you want to compile information about an area to help you sell your home, there is a lot of information you can share. However, the real story of an area or community doesn't entirely lie in the facts or details; it's in the stories and mysteries of an area.

At Hunters Forest Hill, we are pleased to cover a range of areas. We believe the secrets of Honor Oak are compelling and may provide you with more insight into the region.

There are many tales regarding the history of Honor Oak, and some of these can be classed as a tall tale. Some historians claim that One Tree Hill, standing at the height of 300 feet, was the location where the Romans defeated Boudicca. This version of the story is probably unlikely; most evidence indicates this happened further north in the country, but it is an exciting story to read up on.

Was there a drunken monarch behind a piece of Honor Oak history?

Also, many people believe that the Oak of Honor received its name when a drunken Elizabeth 1 knighted the tree in 1602. There is an acceptance that Elizabeth 1 would have enjoyed picnics in this part of the country. She may have passed praise on the tree, but the full extent of the story cannot be confirmed!

There was a train station in the area as far back as 1865, with Honor Oak station lying on the Crystal Palace London Junction Railway. The presence of the station brought the introduction of many homes to the area, being the catalyst for the place we know and love today.

The station and the line connected with the station closed in 1954. Around two decades later, more homes were added, by Greater London Council, onto where the railway line previously sat.

A famous comedian called Honor Oak home

A fact which will be appreciated by many people about Honor Oak is Spike Milligan used to stay here. When he moved from India in the 1930s, Spike lived on Gabriel Street and Riseldine Road in the Honor Oak Park area. Spike is rightly regarded as one of the funniest people this country has ever seen, making Honor Oak an area of interest to many of his fans.

We think there is a great deal of interest about the Honor Oak area, both historically, and today. If you are keen to see what the place has to offer for families and households, you'll find we are ideally placed to provide insight and information.

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