Sell your property quickly

24th January 2018 posted in Sellers

Preparing to move: What if you need to sell your property quickly?

There are some circumstances which dictate you must sell your property quickly, such as when you are struggling to pay the mortgage, need to relocate fast or are committed to a purchase.

There are many companies willing to take advantage of people who need to sell fast, but we are not one of them.  We can sell your house for you quickly at one of our regular auctions, for the best possible price. In many cases, the time between valuation and depositing the money in your bank can be as little as 60 days.

"We understand that life can be full of surprises. So if you need to sell your property quickly, for whatever reason, we will be sensitive to your needs and circumstances, and help you get the best possible price with the least possible stress."

John Waterhouse
Hunters Auctions