Things to shout about Brixton

13th June 2017 posted in Home Lifestyle

Things to Shout about Brixton

There is a lot happening in Brixton of late that is making it an even more attractive place to live and work in. This positivity shines through in the value of property which has continued to rise - up around 22% since 2014. (source:

Firstly, London is seeing new multi-purpose work spaces being developed to cater for the surge in the population of self-employed people. There are 5 million of these people in the UK and a large concentration in the capital. This investment and development is definitely reaching Brixton.

The Piano House, Brixton

In recent years, Brixton has seen the regeneration of the old Piano House. This once imposing Victorian warehouse has been converted into a superb venue for hot-desking, socialising and well being, where the self-employed can mix work with gym with chatting to other like minded individuals.

This 40,000 sq ft creative campus is a major investment and attraction into the zone 2 area and a clear sign of Brixton’s status as a modern and happening place to be.

Education Centre in Windmill Gardens

As part of the ongoing Parks Capital Investment Programme, Brixton may benefit from an education centre within the Windmill Gardens. Planning permission has been granted for the centre which was designed by Squire and Partners. The centre will provide classroom space for adults and children, and a range of classes will be available from jam making to science along with art lessons for school children.

The space will also be available for community events as well as meetings and seminars so it will be hugely appreciated by the local community.

Creative and digital growth strategy

As part of their strategy to encourage the growth of its creative and digital industries, Lambeth Council, with the backing of the Mayor of London,  has carried out a survey in the first quarter of the year to gain people’s views and input. Only good things can come out of this for the wider area including Brixton.

The only way is up for Brixton

All these developments are an addition to a stack of other great reasons to want to reside in Brixton. This South London hot spot is already a star attraction because of its multi-cultural foodie scene, which includes the famous “Brixton Village” market, growing arts community and start-up atmosphere. Where else offers such a varied mix of culture and activities?

Brixton is an exciting place full of opportunity. It offers everything a community needs to grow and succeed, from quiet residential streets, cultural centres, a renowned music and entertainment scene AND it is right next door to the rest of London due to the ultra-efficient Victoria Line.

It’s a great time to be helping people with property in Brixton because it is a superb place to buy, sell or rent.


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