Simple Ways to Give Your Home More Character

30th November 2015 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle Sellers

Simple Ways to Give Your Home More Character

Although it’s nice to live in a new, modern build, sometimes you may find your home lacks character. Older houses tend to come with tons of personality and history, but fresh developments often lack that personal touch and don’t have that homely feel to them.

Here are a few simple ways you can give your home more character and inject your personality into the overall design: 


Lighting is one thing that can often look make a property look very drab and dreary, especially if it has just been furnished with very basic designs. The right lighting can really make a difference when it comes to adding character to your home, and can make it feel more comfortable and convenient.

Add a chandelier over the dining room table, put some lamps in the darker corners of each room, add puck lights under kitchen cabinets, and maybe even line up some candles along the top of your fireplace.


All the empty walls in a house provide you with a blank canvas to hang up some pictures or artwork that you’ve brought with you from a previous home. This will help you feel like the property is your own and will remind you of different times throughout your life when you acquired each piece of art.

If you don’t have any artwork to hang in your house then why not make some? Take some scenic photos when you next go on holiday and blow them up onto canvases, encourage your children to draw and paint, and make a collage of pictures of all your family and friends to hang in a multi-aperture frame.


A splash of colour can make a world of difference to a boring, beige line of décor in a house. A house consisting of mainly browns and creams lacks character and creativity, and doesn’t feel homely at all.

Try painting some of your walls a nice bright colour, such as red or yellow, and choose materials for your curtains and rugs in a range of vibrant shades. Just having accessories like cushions and blankets can also make a difference in a dull room and really enhance a home’s character.

Fill the Space

Sometimes just having an empty space in a room can make it feel cold and unfriendly, and the room can end up feeling awkward. It’s important to give every area of your house a purpose to make it look and feel appealing.

If you have a box window or empty corner in your sitting room, why not turn it into a reading area with lots of beanbags and cushions?  If you’re dining room has a vacant wall then why not add a storage cabinet or cupboard.

Use Antique Appeal

One way to make a house feel more lived in is to fill it with vintage furniture, wall art, accessories, and collectibles. There are lots of different flea markets and car boot sales around the country where you will find a range of pre-loved, shabby chic offerings.

Scatter your findings around your house and you will instantly give it a warm, cosy feeling. You will be surprised by just how big a difference some small, simple changes can make around your home.