Your Own Patch of Paradise: solutions for small gardens

27th May 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Your Own Patch of Paradise: solutions for small gardens

If you live in the city you know how hard it is to find houses with substantial garden space. It’s important to have a relaxing space to escape the city pressures. However small you can create your own patch of paradise with these ideas.

Vertical planters make the most of wall space and create bright accents to a small space.

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Many things can become a planter. An old chair that you found in a charity shop or that has been kicking about in the attic for a few years can make a stylish garden centerpiece. Inventivc planters like these make excellent focal points in any small space. You can be really creative with these, filling them with any plants you fancy and using bright paint colours to put together something completely unique.

Source: Shelterness

Here’s a great example of small garden layout that really makes the most of the space. With curved lines, you can create different areas and sections for relaxing and entertaining. The curve also creates a walkway between each section.

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Circular features are an ideal way to create structure and encourage focal points. Ponds and water features are great in small spaces  -  upkeep is easy and they are impressive all year round.

Source: Mosaic Gardens

Utilise walls for extra seating. By being clever with your planting you can create a shaded area with enough room to entertain. A small patio area can be completely transformed with the addition of trees and built in details.

Source: Pinterest

You can make the most of a balcony space by using planters all up the outside wall.  Just  add in some simple garden furniture and solar lighting and your balcony is transformed into a relaxing oasis.

Source: Stylish Eve

Raised seating and raised beds can create some interesting shapes that will make your garden appear eminently modern and intelligently designed. Water features are an instant way of encouraging a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere.

Source: Dwell

Small veggie gardens are easy to maintain and a rewarding to keep.
Old wine crates are great space-saving planters and are deep enough for most vegetables.

Source: Pinterest

A mirror hung on the back wall of your garden gives the illusion of space – the thicker the frame, the greater the illusion of depth. In this picture, what we are seeing is actually not a passageway, but simply a mirror. The step up to it encourages the illusion.

Source: Houzz

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Written by Penny Tristram