Splendiferous Bike Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

5th April 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Splendiferous Bike Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Cycling just makes sense - it's free, good for the planet and good for our health. Yet bikes are notoriously difficult to store, and many hallways end up being a conflicting Krypton Factor of competing velocipedes. Many inventors - and frustrated cyclists - have come up with bike storage solutions that boast quite a cool factor. Here are a few of my favourites:

Folding/flipping handlebars

Handlebars that fold sideways are useful for storage, and as a bonus they make it easier to manoeuvre your bike when walking in a group, and when fitting through small spaces. Flipphandle make a stem that will turn any set of straight handebars into flip handlebars.


There are probably about as many types of bike hangers as there are bikes. They can be used as a purely functional solution: allowing many bikes to fit into a small shed for example, or you can give your bike pride of place as an artwork by hanging it sideways on the wall.


The Bike Shelf

Handy cyclists could make a bike shelf, or adapt one from a ready-made storage unit. Otherwise, there’s the  Shoes, Books, and a Bike shelf by Postfossil, that created space by conveniently stowing your bike above your shoes and other items in the hallway. Magic.

Another sort of bike shelf, the Bookbike, flips the concept on its side and lets you store your bicycle side by side with a few of your other favourite things.

The Shelf/Hanger

Somewhere between the bike hanger and the bike shelf rests the Pinstripe Bike Shelf. This minimalist shelf elevates the bicycle by its crossbar, creating the aforementioned bike wall art effect. Its striped wood design mean it works as a deco accent in the home interior as opposed to simply being a functional hanger.

The Wall-Based Dock

Another close relative of the hanger, the dock fixes to the wall and acts like an on-street bike park, except it’s vertical. This can be a very economical bike storage option. A good choice if you have enough space for bikes to be protruding from the wall as opposed to lying flat.

The Outdoors Bike Store

If you have very limited space, an outdoor bike store could provide the answer. These secure mini-sheds come from several different manufacturers and can be a good solutions for storing multiple bikes and trailers. This one is quite roomy and shed-like, while other stores are more bijou and specifically bike-sized.

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Written by Penny Tristram.