Spring Into Action And Create Better Kerb Appeal At Home

12th March 2019 posted in Sellers

Spring is finally upon us, and many people are looking forward to spending some time in their garden. There was a spell of pleasant weather in February, but spring is the time when we expect flowers to bloom and blossom, as well as seeing a rise in temperature. Therefore, this is the perfect time to get outside, and if you plan on selling your home this year, you need to spring into action.

When selling your home, it is vital to create kerb appeal at your house. Although it is natural for vendors to focus on the inside of their house when it comes to presenting and preparing for prospective buyers, there is no denying the outside of the home is crucial. There are two strong reasons why the exterior of your house has to appeal to buyers:

1.    The lead photograph on property listing sites will often be the outside of your home, so this image has to grab attention

2.    When prospective buyers come to view the property, they see the outside before the inside, and this impacts on their initial impression of the property

Therefore, creating kerb appeal is crucial in two critical stages of the sales process, and if you are keen to sell your home as efficiently or as effectively as possible, you need to provide the warmest of welcomes.

Kerb appeal can make a massive difference in persuading buyers to make an offer

There are some key issues to consider when creating kerb appeal at your home, and it may be that you need to improve some or all these elements.

The front door is significant

Buyers notice your front door, so you want to make a positive impression with your entry. Vendors should give their front door a new coat of paint before placing it on to the market. However, choose a colour that is in keeping with the local style and don’t opt for a bold or brash statement.

There are many ways that a vendor can make their home stand out but painting their front door a garish or eye-catching colour is not a recommended strategy.

Ensure paths and driveways are in excellent condition

You need to make sure that your paths and driveways are in excellent condition. Look for cracks or gaps and if there are any, repair or replace them. You should also thoroughly clean your path or driveways, with a pressure washer the most effective way to clean this surface.

Also, if you have decking or a patio at home, apply the pressure washer to these areas too.

Brighten up your boundaries

Given that most prospective buyers will carry an interest where a property begins and ends, it makes sense to mark this area attractively. If you have a wooden fence, make sure it is in excellent condition and varnish it. You should check all metalwork for rust, and if you can repaint the metalwork, you should do so. Check all gates function correctly, trim hedges and if you have any plants next to paths or doors, prune them.

Add some life with a touch of greenery

Adding some greenery to the outside of your home makes sense. Fresh plants add a bit of vitality and energy, which looks fantastic in pictures but which will also help to create a positive atmosphere when prospective buyers visit your property.

If you have a well-maintained garden that has a sense of life, it creates a positive impression about the home and the way you have cared for the property. When it comes to helping a buyer form a favourable impression of your home, adding some greenery with plants, flowers and shrubs can have a notable impact.

Why not go further?

When it comes to creating a positive first impression, prospective buyers don’t just consider your home; they will think of the whole local area. Therefore, it makes sense for you to check your street and tidy up any litter that may be lying around. If your neighbour’s garden isn’t up to the standard of yours, why not offer to carry out some work for them?

You will want to make that suggestion politely and helpfully but improving the condition of your neighbours garden can help to create a positive impact on buyers.

Selling your home can be difficult, and there are many factors prospective buyers consider when looking at property. The outside of your house has a role to play in persuading buyers to make an offer, and you need to have kerb appeal at your home.

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