Spring Garden Tips That Sell your Home

11th April 2019 posted in Sellers

Most vendors are aware that kerb appeal is crucial in creating a positive first impression with buyers. The first image that buyers usually see of a house is an external image, with a great looking garden drawing people towards the listing. Also, if buyers attend a viewing at a house, they see the outside of the home before the inside, so a well-maintained garden puts buyers into a positive frame of mind before they even enter the house.

Now that spring has arrived, many vendors will be keen to step outside and spend time in the garden. This time can be used effectively, as we have some spring garden tips that sell your home.

Make sure the garden is tidy

You may have lofty ambitions as to what you can achieve with your garden but start by ensuring the garden area is neat. Decluttering and cleaning are crucial inside and outside of your home. Store toys and equipment, mow the lawn, ensure hedges and bushes and trimmed and make sure fences are in good condition.

Also, if you have weeds in your garden, remove them. Weeds can be very unsightly on paths and the fringe of your garden, so ensure you remove these plants before you worry about embellishing the exterior of your property.

If you have paths and driveways, ensure these are cleaned and in excellent condition. Using a power washer to clean these areas will save time while making sure you create the best possible impression. Paths should be clear of debris and safe to use.

Add some seasonal colour

When you have taken care of the basics of your garden, ensuring it is clean and in good order, add some vibrancy to the garden area. Even if you aren’t green-fingered, you can buy seasonal plants in pots to spread around the garden area. A dash of colour creates a positive impression, indicating that you have taken great care in the garden.

This colour and seasonal flourish welcomes prospective buyers and will cause them to think positively about your property.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden, consider window boxes or planting flowers in tubs. By showing that you can positively impact the area with limited space, you will create ideas for any prospective buyer.

Don’t overlook the outside of your house

While it is tempting to focus on your lawn and plants, don’t forget to improve or maintain the exterior of your home. Make sure you check the condition of window and door frames, adjusting them if there are any cracks or gaps. Also, spend some time brightening up your front door, adding a fresh coat of paint.

Ideally, you should choose a colour that is similar to the most prominent colour scheme in the local area. Standing out for all the wrong reasons is frowned upon when selling your house, so a fresh coat of a traditional or neutral colour is the best option.

When it comes to selling your house, first impressions count, and these initial thoughts occur outside of the home. If you’re looking to sell your property, contact Hunters and we will be more than happy to assist you.