Spring: The perfect timing for your home sale!

6th March 2018 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle Sellers

Selling your house can be tricky business, particularly if you don’t know the market well, but putting your property up for sale during certain months in the year can have a massive impact on your home’s sale.

The best time to sell a house is when there are the most amounts of buyers actively looking due to the positive effect that competition has on your achievable sale price. Buyers competing over the property will force out the best offers that will reach, or even go beyond, your ideal price.

So why are there so many buyers in spring? 

Gardens bloom in spring, and the exterior of your house can be just as important as the interior when it comes to sales. Prospective buyers can walk around your garden or step onto your balcony and imagine family time in the sunshine. Open windows or doors within the home can give a wonderful sense of more space and a great view to the beautiful outdoors.

If you put your home up for sale in spring, this usually means you’ll be completed and moving in the summer, which continues to be the perfect time to plan your move. The kids will be off from school and able to take the time to settle into their new home, the weather will be beautiful (your sofa likely won’t be rained on!) and there are no bank holidays to get in the way of hiring companies.

Spring is a time of abundance on the property market, with more properties sold than any other season. If having a wide selection is important to you, spring may just be the best time to start searching or selling, as you may enjoy better chances of finding exactly what you want, and get the best price for your current home.

If you are keen to sell your home in spring, you are not alone, but help is at hand. For a wealth of information and tips for selling your home, or get in touch with your local Hunters branch today.