Staging Your Property for Spring and Summer

27th May 2015 posted in Sellers

As the brighter months of the year are arguably the best time to market your property, we share some tips on how to stage your home to appeal to prospective purchasers.

Spring clean

It may be a little obvious, but a thorough spring clean is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to begin preparing your home for sale and can almost instantly make it appear more attractive.

Cleaning your entire property in one fell swoop can seem a laborious task, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  Involve your entire family in the effort, assign them rooms to clean when they have free time over a week or so and the work will be completed in no time.


Although it can be fulfilling to have an abundance of family photos and mementoes adorning the walls and surfaces in your home and feature walls and patterned wallpapers can be just to your taste, the most astute sellers will de-personalise their space when ready to sell.

As prospective purchasers view, they will attempt to picture themselves and their belongings in your property; this can be hard in a home which is very individual. Storing away some of the keepsakes and making the decoration more neutral will undoubtedly lend your house a broader appeal.

Create space

When looking to buy a new home, a significant majority of people will look for a property with more space than they currently have therefore anywhere that appears small and cluttered is likely to disappoint.

Now is the optimum time to go through all of your belongings, including clothes and shoes, and discard or donate anything you no longer need or use.  Any items which are still required but not necessarily needed imminently can be boxed up and put in storage ready for your own house move.

The ever important curb appeal

Over the colder months it can be easy to forget the exterior of your property, but with over 66% of purchasers having made up their mind about a house before entering the hallway, it is one of the most important elements of preparing your home for sale.

Assign some time on an evening or weekend to refresh the paint on your front door, trim lawns and hedges and clear any leaves and debris.  A relatively small effort can make a surprising difference to the exterior of your property.

Bring nature in

Whilst the weather is warmer take the opportunity to open windows, allowing fresh and neutral air into your property.

If your garden is flourishing, choose some of the brightest blooms to display in vases around your house, they will add a splash of charm and colour to any room.

Selling your property doesn’t have to mean an overhaul of your entire house.  A few small changes here and there can make your home far more appealing.

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