Stoke Newington Property Is Hot

28th August 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers

The temperatures in August have been rather pleasant. This has been a summer like no other, and while we might not be able to socialise and relax with friends in the way we would all like to, it is good to know that the weather is still capable of putting a smile on our face.

However, it is not just the temperature that has been rising in and around Stoke Newington of late. There has been a considerable level of interest in the local housing market. A lot of this new demand stems from the stamp duty holiday, but whatever the reason, one property market analyst company has marked Stoke Newington as an area to watch!

There is high demand for homes in and around Stoke Newington

The N16 property market has been classed as “HOT” by Propcast, with the site saying this is a market which favours vendors. Their findings suggest homes are selling quickly in this area of London, but they do warn that the market might cool down before too long.

However, with the stamp duty holiday in place, there is an added incentive for buyers to be active in the market. There is a good chance this measure will sustain buyer demand, and if it does, it should see the hot streak in the Stoke Newington property market continue for a bit longer. At the very least, we hope it last longer than the sunny weather!

Stoke Newington vendors should arrange a property valuation

If you are looking to sell your Stoke Newington home, get in touch with us and we will arrange a property valuation for you. It is vital you enter the housing market with a realistic property value, and a local specialist is well placed to provide you with this.

When you have a fair assessment of your property, you are more likely to connect with willing buyers. Also, you have useful information for drawing up a budget for your next move in the housing market.

With the stamp duty deadline occurring in March of next year, many people are looking to buy and sell property in this time-frame. If you need any assistance in this work, rely on a local agent who knows the market, buyers and vendors.

PropCast founder Gavin Brazg said: “Since lockdown, there’s pent-up demand from buyers, which remains strong and hasn’t petered out yet. The majority of that demand is from first-time buyers, who are much more likely to be interested in the lower end of the market, which is why we’re seeing more buyer demand and activity in E17, SE4 and SE9 compared to the rarefied prime London buyer market in W1, N1C and so on, which is a completely different buyer profile.”

If you need any help or guidance regarding property matters, please get in touch. As your local housing market specialists, we will do what we can to ensure you make your next house move in style. Contact Hunters Stoke Newington today for all your housing and letting needs.