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27th November 2020 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

Part of Camberwell’s charm is what is on offer in the local area. At Hunters Camberwell, we know the local bars, cafes and restaurants play a massive role in the popularity of the area. Therefore, we aim to ensure you are kept up to date with how the local area is performing.

One local pub is looking for help

One local pub in Camberwell is calling on support to save their pub. There is no getting away from the fact that while 2020 has been a terrible year for virtually everyone, the hospitality sector has faced significant issues.

The Crooked Well in Camberwell is one such pub that has faced problems in the past year. The lockdown has had a devastating impact on the business, and the 10pm curfew has hampered the pub’s ability to return to normal.

The pub owners are also fearful of a rent increase in next year. This has led to the pub’s owners calling for support from regulars, as well as the Government.

The pub is taking part in a fundraiser, which is part of the “Pay it Forward” scheme set up by the Mayor of London. The pub aims to raise £20,000 to future proof their business.

Some of the work which will be carried out in the pub if they receive funding include:

  • Extend and improve the kitchen area, creating more space for employees
  • The purchase and installation of outdoor heaters
  • The replacement of outdoor furniture
  • The installation of screens between tables, providing a greater level of customer safety

Some of the funds will also be used to hire a solicitor for negotiations with their landlord. The pub has received advance notice of a rent review for January 2021.

The pub’s managers Jen Aries, Matt Green-Armytage and Hector Skinner, posted on their social media page: “We have been charged full rent throughout the whole of Lockdown, even during total closure, and our landlord has indicated a further increase in rent early next year. A fair rent will be crucial to the survival of The Crooked Well.”

The pub has been running for close to ten years, and they have struggled of late with the new social distancing measures. Two of the pubs function rooms have been closed, which has resulted in revenue being reduced by a third. There has also been a reduction in capacity of 20% in the bar.

The pub, which was set up nearly a decade ago by the trio has had to find new ways to adapt to social distancing.

Manager Matt Green-Armytage has spoken about his concerns for the pub, saying; “The 10pm curfew has had an immediate impact with the reduction of late-night drinkers leaving much earlier. Restaurant bookings have been impacted as we seem to have lost the 9pm sitting as customers are not wanting to be rushed out.”

Local nightclub closed down

While many local pubs and restaurants have been working hard to safeguard themselves and their clientele, it appears as though not every local establishment can say the same. One nightclub in Camberwell has been shut down for “persistently breaking COVID-19 regulations.

It is believed Southwark Council intends to bring Planet Nollywood to court “for its flagrant disregard for the health of everybody in the building”.

Officers from the council have attended the club, which is located on Camberwell Road, on numerous occasions. A spokesperson said; “despite all of the advice and warnings offered by the council, the business continued to operate outside COVID regulations”.

On September 18th 2020, council officers and the police carried out a joint raid on the club. Music equipment was seized, and the dance floor was closed down. It has been claimed the majority of staff were “ignorant” of COVID-19 regulations.

Police and council officers jointly raided the club on September 18 – they seized music equipment and closed down the dance floor after finding that the majority of staff were “ignorant” of Covid-19 rules.

There was CCTV footage from August 8th 2020 and September 12th 2020 which confirmed the premises had been “illegally and dangerously operating as a nightclub”.

A prohibition was served by the council to close the ground floor and to seize the amplification equipment. A spokesperson for the council said; “Council officers clearly explained current guidelines and restrictions to the owner and the council is taking further prosecution action under current Covid-19 legislation.”

There has been considerable work carried out by the local council in inspecting businesses, ensuring they provide a safe environment for customers. Any business which is seen to ignore instructions and guidance from the COVID taskforce will face tougher penalties.

Some of the tests carried out by council officials include:

  • Reviewing the test and trace system is being used
  • Reviewing the NHS QR code app is being used
  • That social distancing measures are in place and are being followed
  • That tables are not too close together
  • That PPE and masks are worn
  • That the rule of six is being adhered to
  • That the 10pm curfew is being followed

The spokesperson also said; “It will not tolerate those who openly flaunt the government’s Covid restrictions and the law, putting the people of Southwark at risk.

Local councillor Evelyn Akoto, the Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Safety spoke about against the club, declaring its actions as “irresponsible and dangerous”.

The councillor said; “While we are working with many businesses, and helping them to play their part in keeping people safe, it has become clear that a small minority are repeatedly failing themselves, their staff and their customers. Despite all of our warnings, Planet Nollywood continued to flout the rules and ignore officer advice.”

Councillor Evelyn Akoto continued by saying; “We will meet this, and all such irresponsible and dangerous behaviour, with legal action under Covid-19 and other appropriate legislation. With rates of infection rising across London, and nationally, is it vital that we all follow the rules and do the right thing.”

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