Surge In Sweet Donations At Lewisham Foodbank

11th July 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

Given how challenging life is for so many people right now, it is great to see a stronger sense of community spirit. There has been a lot of great work carried out by individuals, households and organisations to ensure people less fortunate aren’t left behind during the lockdown.

The #BeKind movement is no longer only present on social media; it is something that more and more people are actively pursuing and following in their lives. However, it seems as though there will always be people who find something to moan about, even when others are supporting people.

Times are hard and support is extremely welcome

At this time, food banks are doing an excellent job in supporting people and households who would otherwise struggle to feed themselves. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses, and a lot of people are struggling financially.

This has placed more significant pressure on food banks and Lewisham Foodbank placed a request for specific items, if people were in a position to assist them, and the people who use the food bank. However, some people have raised concern about the list compiled by Lewisham Foodbank containing a request for chocolate treats.

A spokeswoman for the food bank, based in Forest Hill, said: “Some followers have raised concern about us putting certain items on our shopping lists (eg crisps and chocolate). Let me clarify – whilst we agree that they are of little nutritional value, we also believe in blessing our clients with a treat from time to time. It’s up to you to choose from our shopping lists to donate. And don’t forget we also give a large bag of fruit ‘n veg to households, as well. Thank you for your feedback, which we have taken on board. And thanks for your continued support.”

Local councillor responded quickly

Lewisham Central councillor Aisling Gallagher also spoke on the matter after the food bank responded, saying; “The fact they had to tweet this fills me with shame and frustration. Ever eaten something nice just because you wanted to? For God’s sake, everyone deserves to eat nice things, no matter how little money they have.”

The councillor also donated £100 worth of chocolate to the foodbank, with many others following in the same manner. There was also considerable support from people on message boards, turning their attention on the people who complained about the issue.

One response said; “Imagine this being of concern to constituents rather than the actual existence of child poverty and food banks in the sixth richest country in the world.”

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