Teak is Sleek!

26th January 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

As the growing demand for retro furniture is coming back in, although some of you may say it never left, more people are wanting that ‘vintage look’. Whether it be fashion or interior design, we are routing round charity shops or antique corners for the pieces we all thought were ‘old school’.

Decades ago, teak was something of a status symbol with it being one of the more expensive and durable woods out there. Commonly used for making boats, so it follows that making furniture out of teak meant it was built to last. These days you can pick up a pre-owned 60s teak unit for as little as £30, give it a good clean and it’s good to go. 

More and more people are trying their hand at upcycling; not only does this offer environmental benefits but also cost savings. It is also made easier these days with a multitude of tutorials, tips and hints easily accessible online on how to refresh worn-down or pre-owned furniture.  All you need to do is give the furniture a rub down with some sand paper, a re-varnish or a coat of paint and it can look like it’s straight out of a high-end shop. Not only is this a great project for any interior design enthusiast, you never know, it could even become a business initiative to make you a pretty penny.

So what makes teak sleek? Even though there is a lot of association with teak furniture being over the hill, modernising its ever-familiar mid-century, Scandinavian style are what a lot of companies are embracing to give a contemporary feel to any home. The smooth lines and fashionable design of these decorative robust teak pieces make it iconic and it really gives a home a unique sense of exclusive style and elegance from a material that has definitely withstood the test of time!