The Benefits of Open House Viewings

8th January 2015 posted in Sellers

In the property world, open house viewings are becoming more common as part of an overall marketing strategy. The idea of an open house viewing is that the house is available for a period of time on a certain day for any interested buyers to come and look around.

This trend has been popular in America for a while and has only recently migrated across to the UK, where property prices significantly increased in 2014 and the demand for property dramatically outweighed the supply.

Here are some reasons you might want to consider an open house viewing when selling your property:

Less Time Wasted

Unfortunately, it is quite a common occurrence for buyers to book in for a viewing and then not actually turn up, meaning the estate agent’s time is wasted and so is yours if you have spent hours meticulously cleaning and tidying your home.

When you have an open house viewing it doesn’t matter too much whether a couple of people pull out, as hopefully there will be plenty of other people there that are interested in your property.

It also means you can give your property a really good clean in time for the open house viewing and don’t have to worry about it every time your estate agent lets you know there is another viewing. It can be tiring having to regularly clean your kitchen until it sparkles when people are coming round every couple of days, but one good clean before an open house viewing can make a world of difference.

Increased Competition

Social proof is very important when it comes to selling your house, as potential buyers tend to like properties more if they see other people are also interested in it. The feeling of being in competition for a property makes buyers more likely to put in an offer.

By holding an open house viewing, you are creating a feeling of scarcity around the property and when viewers see other potential buyers' positive reactions to it, it will make them feel more positive and see the property to be more desirable. No ones like the feeling of missing out on things and that apply to property as well.


When it comes to an open house viewing, you are in control of the time and date, so you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of viewings taking place when you are out or when the house is a little bit messy.

Spring is the ideal time to sell your house, but if you are deciding to sell at any other time of the year then think about what time of day will show your house in the best light (literally).

Early afternoon at the weekend is the best time to hold an open house viewing, as you will get a good turnout of people later in the day, but there will still be a good amount of natural light to keep the inside of your house feeling bright and airy.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Viewings can often be quite high-pressured situations where potential buyers feel like they have to just look around the house as quickly as possible to prevent any inconvenience to the current owners if they are in at the time.

When you have an open house viewing, potential buyers can take their time looking around each room and taking notes and photographs if they want to. This will make them much more likely to make a purchase if they have all the information they need to make a good decision. A rushed viewing may result in people feeling pressured and unsure about the property.

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