The perfect kitchen on a budget

31st January 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

If you think your kitchen is in need of a little pick me up but you don’t have a large budget, fear not. There are a number of ways to renovate your kitchen without making a huge dent in your savings.

Your cabinets could make or break your kitchen and being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or design. You need to begin with a plan - plan how you want your kitchen to look, its function, style and colour. Then it’s time to shop around and search for the best deal. A simple Internet search can show you cabinet doors ranging from £5 to £215. However instead of forking out for new doors, you can always add a fresh lick of paint for a new look.

Good lighting is one of the easiest ways to switch up the atmosphere in a room. As well as defining the mood and style of your kitchen, lighting can also show off artwork and architecture. By using lighting effectively you can also enhance the feeling of space. If you have an open-plan kitchen, it is important to treat each designated area differently with appropriate lighting. Similarly, a feature wall can help set the individual areas apart from each other and are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to freshen up any room.

Believe it or not your kitchen chairs have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room. When not in use, they help set the tone and depending on the style can add a touch of colour. Again this doesn’t need to be expensive and most shops have cheaper alternatives as well as the standard luxury seats. Mix matching furniture can also have a great effect and by shopping at markets, car boot sales and charity shops not only will you achieve a unique look but you’ll also be saving the pennies.

A cheap way of renovating your kitchen is to make use of the items that you already have. Re-organise your worktop and treat yourself to some new kitchen accessories. High street store such as Tesco, Next, Asda and Argos are good choices when shopping and won’t cost too much. Instead of forking out on expensive brands, invest in some basic white goods with an A+++ energy efficiency rating. The key word in kitchen design is concealment. Cabinets can conceal cheap appliances and you can easily install a cheaper stainless-steel sink into your worktop, making it look more expensive.

Spend your money where it counts. A worktop is one of the most visible and used features so it is worth spending here. Limited funds aren’t a barrier when it comes to having a dream kitchen – what matters most is having a little design creativity.