The Top 5 Places People Tend to Live the Longest

11th September 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle Buyers

The Top 5 Places People Tend to Live the Longest

With advances in healthcare and an increased standard of living, the average life expectancy for us in the UK has seen a steady increase. According to the office of National Statistics, at the end of 2013, the average life expectancy for a woman was 82.8 years, and men were expected to live until 78.8 years. So here’s a question, does the location we live in play any part in how long we are expected to live for. Well I can tell you that the answer is yes.

 A further question, which place do you think has the highest life expectancy for residents? Below I have listed, in order, the top 5 places to live in the UK that have the highest average life expectancy:

5: Kensal Green, London

Coming in at number five is the lovely little town of Kensal Green. Located on the southern edge of London Borough Brent, Kensal Green is renowned for its vast amount of unique boutiques, cafés and bars. Men are said to live to an average age of 93, which is one of the highest figures in the country. Drawing together both genders’ life expectancy, Kensal Green residents can expect to live to the ripe old age of 88.5.

If you have ever been to Kensal Green, you may be able to see why the life expectancy is so high. The town is known for its welcoming demeanour and friendly community. It is not uncommon for residents to live in a property from early adulthood until they hit retirement. The city has a great deal of easily accessible routes toward inner city London, and in 2009, Chamberlayne Road was named by Vogue as one of the hippest streets in Europe.

4: Marlow, Buckinghamshire

This thriving retiree community offers one of the most impressive expectancy ages for women. To date, the longevity rate, particularly for women, is said to be at an average of 97.5! With men added into the mix, the average life expectancy in this pretty river side village is an outstanding 88.9 years of age.

People often say being content leads to a longer life. In this case, you can see why residents of Marlow are expected to live for so long. The town sits just next to the river Thames, meaning picture perfect scenery is available throughout the whole village. The property market is mainly made up of traditional Victorian style homes and the town centre sports a range of elegant cafes, restaurants and classic alehouses.

3: Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

Stratford upon Avon is a small market town located in south Warwickshire, lying upon the river Avon. Most famous for being the birth town of William Shakespeare, the village still boasts its rich history with buildings still in place from over 800 years ago.

Whilst Shakespeare died in his 50s, current residents of Stratford upon Avon can expect to live to an average age of 92 years old! The level of stress in this welcoming and friendly community is said to be low, if non-existent, which is probably helped by the very reasonable property prices. If you ever happen to visit Stratford upon Avon, a must see attraction would have to be the house of Shakespeare himself.

2: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Coming in at number two is the beautiful little market town of Bury St Edmunds. Mostly known for its ruined abbey, Bury has become quite a popular tourist destination. The town is also known for brewing and malting, as well as their large British sugar processing factory.

The unemployment rate is surprisingly low, giving it quite a strong, affluent economy. The crime rate is also low, seeing knife and robbery crimes to be virtually non-existent.

The affluent economy and low amount of serious crime may just play a part in why people tend to live longer in this area. It is said that on average, a resident of Bury can expect to live up until an average of 93.4 years old!

1: Cramlington, Northumberland

Now it’s time for the top dog, the number one place where people are expected to live the longest! You probably didn’t guess it, but Cramlington in Northumberland comes in as having the highest average life expectancy rate. Living up until double figures just isn’t on, if you don’t live until you are in your triple figures you are letting the team down.

Triple figures? Yes, whether it is something to do with toughening up from the colder weather, or being part of a welcoming and sweet community, residents of Cramlington can expect to live to the age of 101.35 years old, with women living to a staggering 105 years of age! Crazy right?

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