The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Property Safe

3rd April 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle


Your home is most likely to be your biggest asset, so it is important to keep it as safe as possible and be able to rest assured that your property is secure at all times. There are some really simple measures that you can take to keep your home as secure as possible:


When you first move into your house, it is essential that you get the locks changed. If you are using a set of keys that were given to you by the previous owners, then you need to think about how many other people may have been given copies of the keys. Once you have changed the locks on your doors, then only give copies of keys to family members and people you trust, so that you know no one else has access to the property.


As the main point of entry for any house, it is important that you secure your doors as best you can. Use solid core or metal doors and have one deadlock on the inside for extra security. A chain is also a great option if you want to be able to answer the door without exposing yourself and your home to potential strangers.


Along with doors, windows are another key entry point for properties, so you need to make sure they are secure. If you leave the house, then make sure all the windows are shut and locked, as it only takes one open window to invite burglars in.


Lighting can actually be very useful when it comes to keeping your home safe. If you are going to be out for a long time or if you are going on holiday, then you can get timers that will turn on the lights in your house every few hours to make it look like someone is home. Outside lights that work using sensors are great too, as they will turn on as soon as someone walks near the house.


Alarms are a must-have when it comes to home security. They are most definitely a worthwhile investment, as they will go off as soon as the house is compromised and alert the police of any intruders.


Gates and fences are a good security measure for your garden as they offer protection from strangers who could potentially just walk into your home. When you leave the house make sure you tidy away any garden furniture and tools, as leaving your belongings on show is a sure fire way to attract the attention of potential thieves.


One key thing in keeping your home safe is to keep valuables tucked safely away. Don’t put expensive items on windowsills where they will easily be spotted, and make sure that you don’t keep house or car keys in a visible place where they could easily be taken.


If you are going on holiday, make sure you leave your home securely locked up and tell your neighbours that you are going to be away. Ask them to collect any packages that may be left outside your front door so it isn’t obvious you aren’t there. Don’t tell any tradesmen you will be going away and don’t put your address in an obvious place on your luggage labels, as the less people who know where you live when you aren’t there the better.

It is important to know that your property will be safe at all times and just changing a few habits can make a real difference to your home’s security levels.