Theme your bathroom, and relax!

28th June 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Theme your bathroom, and relax!

Don’t let this room go to waste!

There are many simple ways to theme a bathroom that can make it a relaxing, fun, and creative space within your home.  Here are some top ways to put your own stylish stamp on your bathroom and make it a haven for relaxation.

Modern and vintage romantic

A bathroom with a romantic feel becomes a place where you will look forward to spending an extra fifteen minutes chilling in the tub with a glass of your favorite wine. Be bold and choose accents of dark, rich colour, which will make a romantic theme more dramatic.

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Vintage baths are beautifully decorative and create the perfect starting point from which to theme your entire bathroom.  Give it that 1920s feel with some bright, colourful plants and gold accents.

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For a more modern approach, use bright and vivid colours to make a dramatic impact. The ever-effective combo of patterned wallpaper and a designer lighting centerpiece will draw an entire room’s look together – it works as well in bathrooms as in any other room.

Bare it all

Muted wall colours will feel spa-like. They also let your bathroom’s features and fixings stand out and speak for themselves as design focal points.

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Unusual shapes and lines with colour accents make for a tranquil atmosphere.


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The bathroom is one place where you can go all-out with bright colours and bold design, creating a distinct contrast with colours in the rest of the house.

Bring the outside in

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Pebbles and plants are a way to make a Zen-like atmosphere within your bathroom. Sunken baths, and natural wood floors and shelving, make for a minimalist retreat away from the chaos of every day life.  Plants don’t only beautify the space; they also improve air circulation. But do make sure your bathroom has enough sunlight to sustain plants – unfortunately many modern bathrooms are designed without windows.

The key to creating an atmosphere that is both soothing a relaxing is to reduce clutter.  Make sure you have a big enough cabinet to put it all in and place candles around the bath, rather than bottles.

Why not make that neglected bathroom into this summer’s DIY project?

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Written by Penny Tristram