Tips for selling a house with pets

26th July 2023 posted in Sellers

Selling a home with pets can sometimes feel like a difficult task. While you may have a strong bond with them, it is important to take some simple measures so that your pets don't distract prospective buyers. Here are some tips for selling a house with pets so you can make sure your home is ready for viewings once it's on the market.

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How do you sell a house when you have pets?

1. Have pets looked after during viewings

When people come to view your home, you don't want your pets to distract them during the viewing. To avoid this, try asking a family member or friend to look after them during viewings. Alternatively, if your estate agent is conducting the viewing, you could take your pet for a walk or to a pet-friendly place during the appointment

2. Repair any damage caused by pets

If there are any scratches, bite marks or other signs of pet damage on the walls and furniture in your home, you should repair them before viewings take place so you can create the best impression for potential buyers.

3. Clean up pet hair before every viewing

Even if you don’t have visible signs of pet damage in your home, pet hair can still give off an untidy impression to potential buyers, so make sure to vacuum and dust before each viewing.

4. Declutter food bowls and beds

Pet food bowls and beds should also be removed from viewings as they can create a messy look in your home. Declutter these items and store them away before any buyer viewings take place.

5. Take care of any unpleasant odours

If any musty odours are coming from your pet’s room or areas of the house where they spend a lot of time, freshen up the air with scented candles or air spray. Vacuuming the carpets and furniture will help. .

6. Don't forget the garden

Don’t forget to tidy up the garden too. If your pet has caused any damage to garden furniture, dug holes or left any other surprises on your lawn, clean up before viewings take place.

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