Top 10 Apps For House Hunters

18th February 2014 posted in Property News

Top 10 Apps For House Hunters

Although it can be very exciting to sit at home flicking through the property section of your local newspaper and browsing multiple interior design magazines, when it comes to the actual nitty gritty process of selling your old house and buying a new one, the easier the process the better.

With new technology developing every day, there are now more in-depth and fascinating pieces of information that can be found out about the area and house you are interested in buying. Nowadays through the use of clever technology, you can find out almost any information about the area you are looking at, from the crime rate to the flight paths - you can even see what the neighbourhood looked like up to a hundred years ago.

So with the use of mobile phones and tablets continuously on the increase, what are the best apps to help you with your new property adventure?

Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter

Price: £2.99 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This fantastic home buying app from the quirky presenters of “Location, Location, Location” provides a great range of tips and advice on everything from houses to finances and even has a bit of legal information thrown in too. It also has an integrated property search feature powered by Zoopla.


Price: Free on iPhone and iPad

If you want to make sure that you know what properties are on the market before any other house buyers do and beat the competition, then this Rightmove app is perfect as it updates daily and alerts you to any new homes that suit your criteria. Using filters you can make sure the app only shows houses that are in the location, price range and the size that you require.

Crime Map

Price: Free on iPhone and iPad

Using this simple and efficient app, you can find out exactly what crimes have taken place in any neighbourhood that you are thinking of buying a house in. Whether you want to know how much theft goes on or what the level of antisocial behaviour is in an area, this app could really change your mind on a certain place forever.


Price: Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This app is fantastic for the interior design side of buying a new house. Whether you are trying to decide on a revamped kitchen, or even just choose a new design for the curtains in your hallway, this app allows you to create mood boards, much like a scrapbook. You can browse the web and social network for ideas and inspiration and then “pin” any pictures you like onto your chosen board.

Around Me

Price: Free on iPhone and iPad

Once you have made the decision to buy your new home and have moved in, the first thing you are going to need to know is where everything is. It is good to find out your proximity to some important places such as the nearest petrol station or hospital and even where the nearest take away is for those nights when you just need something quick and easy to eat. Around Me will give you an overview of your location and provide local listings with added reviews.


Price: Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This fantastic app offers a full sales history on any property, meaning you can find out what the neighbours paid for their house and even what your previous homes have now sold for. This is a great tool to use though when thinking about what offer you want to make on a new property, to ensure that you are as knowledgeable as possible about its financial history.

Crown Colour Match

Price: Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The product of TBWA\Manchester, this is the first app that allows you to match your perfect colour to a paint product. Users simply take a picture of a colour that they like and the app then recommends the nearest shade available to match their preference. Fantastic for when it comes to decorating your new home.

Mortgage Assistant

Price: Free on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Using this app, househunters can read through various guides on purchasing a new property, remortgaging their current home and tips on how to sell a house. The app was created by London and Country Mortgage Company and provides up to date information and tips on mortgages.

Cole and Son Pattern Book

Price: Free on iPad

Created by Cole and Son, an 137 year old wallpaper manufacturer who have worked for the Queen, this brilliant app contains around 1,800 different block print designs and 350 screen prints. Users can search based on a number of filters and then request samples with just one click. Another great app for those ready to decorate their home.


Price: £0.69 on iPhone and iPad

When you have bought your new home, the next step is to think about insurance. Using inSured, homeowners can organise all the different aspects of their insurance and save any product warranty information they have all in one place. They can also use the app to take and store pictures of their possessions for future use.

Not only are apps easy to use and second to none when it comes to time-saving, they also mean that everything you need is safely stored in one place and you aren’t left with piles of papers or brochures all over your kitchen table. Whether you are creating a property search filter or an interior design mood board, using these fantastic apps will mean that you can carry your own little house hunting file with you wherever you go.

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