Top 5 Weirdest Houses in the World

9th April 2014 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

The majority of houses look somewhat alike, and in general tend to be a similar shape and size. Throughout history, homes have gone from mud huts, to castles, to block of flats and back again. In between these times some of the weirdest shaped houses have been built.

With a bit of creativity and a whacky architect on your side, it is easy to create the house of your dreams, whatever shape and size it may be. Here are some of the weirdest houses in the world in case you ever need a bit of design inspiration:

The Shoe House

Situated in the Pennsylvania countryside, this shoe structure consists of two stories, complete with stairs and a small porch. The house has a door and some windows and was designed by shoe-store magnate Mahlon N. Haines.

The Shoe House was built back in 1948 on a simple wooden frame, draped in wiring and finished off with cement stucco. Located 30 miles southeast of Harrisberg, this 48 foot long house contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen – plenty of room for an entire family.

Source: Joe Philipson

The Pickle Barrel

William Donahey, a cartoonist, and his wife Mary, originally owned this barrel shaped house. Located near Lake Superior, the house has two stories of living space available.

Originally the house was used as a summer cottage in the 1940s and was built on a wooded lot outside Grand Marais, but it was later moved onto a primary street corner in the town, where it was then used as an information centre.

Source: Christopher P. Bills

The Hobbit House

This house was never intended to be a house just like those in the J.R.R Tolkien stories, but after creating a guesthouse for friends and family to stay in, Steve Michaels’ son told him that was exactly what it looked like.

Steve took the idea and ran with it, adding a range of features and designs to create an overall Hobbit theme. This Hobbit House can be found near Trout creek and now comes as part of a village complete with waterfall and creek. You can rent out the home for as little as £146 a week.

Source: Steve Michaels

The One-Log House

This is quite literally a “tree house”. Owner Dan Baleme currently lives in the house, which is made from the trunk of a Redwood tree and says it’s over 2,000 old. Overall the house contains a 32 foot long living space and has a 7 foot high ceiling.

The house took two guys over 8 months to make using just hand tools and is the most rustic mobile home in the world. Back in the 1940s and 50s, a guy named Art Schmock lived in the home while taking it to county fairs in California.

Source: Kristie Wells

The Natutilus

Found in Mexico City, this shell-shaped house was built back in 2006 and designed by architect Javier Sensonian. The house was built to imitate the shell of a cephalopod, and inside it is full of small trees and various vegetation.

Stone steps lead across the lawn to a front door that blends in seamlessly with the mosaic finish on the front of the house. Inspired by Gaudi and Frank Lloyd, the house is a mind-bending example of “Bio-Architecture” – the principle that houses designed on organic forms can create harmony with nature.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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