Top tips for tenants at Christmas

22nd November 2019 posted in Tenants

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine… stains on your landlord’s carpet? Christmas is a time for celebration, but there are also a number of things you need to keep in mind to avoid any unexpected challenges over the festive period.

You’ve probably got Christmas all sorted.  You’ve got your presents ticked off, some great new decorations and a few great parties planned.   But before you start looking for your new party outfit, here’s just a couple of things to consider.  At Christmas, you’ve saved hard to buy presents for your nearest and dearest and wrapped them beautifully under your tree.  But, if something happened, would they be covered?


Whilst we hope it’ll never happen, sadly thefts or accidents can occur and you’d want to be sure that your insurance would cover you.  HomeLet’s Tenants Contents Insurance has already thought of this.  Not only do they cover up to £50,000 contents as standard, but they’ll increase the amount of cover by 10% around the time of religious festivals, just in case.


Or are you thinking of having friends around for a party or two?  Tenancy Liability Insurance will cover you in the event of an accident which causes damage to your landlord’s items.  Just one spilled glass of wine on your landlord’s carpet could cost you now or result in pricey deposit deductions later if you don’t get it fixed.  Tenancy Liability Insurance is designed to help you avoid deposit deductions by covering the cost to fix items you may accidentally damage, and is also included with cover up to the £10,000 in our Tenant Contents Insurance.  Get a Quote / Find out more