Transport Improvements Will Help Lewisham Residents

29th January 2021 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

We all hope to make improvements in the New Year. You don’t need to wait for January to roll out resolutions or promise to make significant changes in your life, but it is easy to see why many people do so.

Of course, it isn’t just people who make massive changes at this time of year. There have been significant improvements made to the “main arteries” of London’s transport in recent times, with the period between Christmas and New Year seeing significant improvements take place.

Usually, there are many complaints about this work impacting people’s travel plans over the festive period. However, Christmas of 2020 was very different, and people weren’t supposed to be travelling in the manner they usually do.

This ensured engineers could work non-stop over the festive period, and a lot of work was undertaken across South East London and Kent.

Significant work was carried out

It turns out the most significant replacement work was carried out in Lewisham. It took eight days, but track was replaced, points were renewed and even the track bed was improved. This will help Lewisham residents, and it should also be of benefit to many people travelling in, out and around South East London and Kent.

Transport links impact the housing market

At Hunters Forest Hill, we know the importance of transport to a local area. We also understand the impact transport has on demand for property in an area. While this level of work will not have the impact Crossrail has on the housing sector, we believe it will be of benefit.

Fiona Taylor, Network Rail's route director for Kent, said: “We carried out extensive work across south east London and Kent over Christmas and the New Year to minimise our impact on passengers and to ensure our network is in an even better place to handle passengers in 2021. We know there is never a good time to carry out major work like this, so I would like to thank passengers and our lineside neighbours for their patience. In particular I know the work in Lewisham was right next to many people’s homes and without their patience and understanding we wouldn’t have been able to make these vital improvements. Thank you very much.”

Scott Brightwell, Southeastern train services director, said: "We want to say thanks to our passengers for bearing with us while Network Rail carried out vital track improvements at two of our busiest junctions near Lewisham, along with other projects across South East London and Kent. This essential work will help to improve reliability and reduce the risk of delays.”

When you consider the lines running through Lewisham are some of the most heavily congested in the country, it could be argued this work was long overdue.

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