UK's Property Value History and Future Forecasts

26th February 2015 posted in Property News

Whether you are an investor looking into buying property for financial benefit, a Landlord looking at pricing your rental value, or even a new home buyer looking for the most thriving cities to live in, historic and future housing value data is a sure-fire way to benchmark how well your investment may be. 

If a region's property value figure has seen an increase in the past, and is further forecasted to increase, it may be a good location to invest your money! As well as this, if a region has a drop in housing price over the past 10 years, however seems to be showing some prosperity in recent and future forecasts, you may be on to a winner by investing into this area! 

Below we have created a data map based on UK regions that includes data from the past 10 years, including either the rise or decrease of a locations property value, as well as what that region's housing market prices are forecasted to be over the next 5 years:

As you can see, London seems to show the highest rate of property value increase, in both historic and future predictions, and thus may prove extremely beneficial to invest into, providing you can front the cost of a property.

This being said, not one region within the UK doesn't evidence a solid growth forecast over the next 5 years. Resultantly, investing in the UK's property market now may see your ROI shoot up! 

If you have any comments, advice for investing, or additional information on the housing market, please drop a comment below.


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