Using task lighting to create the perfect home workspace

29th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

Helen White, co-founder: 

We are moving into a new phase of working and many of us are now working from home in makeshift spaces and offices.  With this becoming a more permanent fixture we need to ditch the kitchen table and start thinking about how to design the best home office setup. 


If you are not lucky enough to have natural light flooding into your room then it is really important to get your lighting right.  People often think of table lamps for their home office but these can create shadows and dark spots.  The best lighting for your home office is actually a ceiling lighting positioned above your desk area.  Choose a light with a soft diffused shade which spreads the light naturally over your desk space.  If you don’t have a fixture for this, then choose a pair of wall lights which can be positioned above your desk, just above head height. 


Colour is really important in an office.  Create a space you want to be in and even a focal point with a feature wall to give your eyes a rest from screen time.  The best wall colour for a home office is green.  It helps you stay connected to nature and gives you a sense of calm to relieve your daily stresses.



Really think about where you want to position your desk.  Don’t give yourself a blank wall to stare at and try and sit near natural light.  Without the commute to the office we aren’t getting out as much and so it is important to still feel the connection to outdoors. As the day moves on and the sunlight moves around your house use accent lights on your desk to create more light and reduce eye strain as the day gets darker.  

Video Calls

In the age of Zoom and video conferencing, working from home can sometimes be very invasive.  We are now giving a window into our lives and people are not only seeing us, but they are also seeing our homes.  Make sure that your backdrop is neutral but well lit. You can also create a focal point behind you with a striking floor lamp.  

We spend a large proportion of our day at our desks and creating the perfect home office is important for your productivity.  First and foremost make sure that it is a space that you enjoy being in and then make sure it works for you.  Make sure that there are no design disasters which distract you from the job in hand.