Virtual Viewings: Driving Change In Property Market?

23rd April 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers

The way people live and work have been affected by how we deal with the Coronavirus. The housing market has been affected too. The Government has issued guidelines for the sector. It is crucial to note house sales are continuing, and we are doing everything we can to help clients while maintaining a good standard of social distancing.

The Government guidelines refer to virtual viewings, and this is an effective way to promote homes. We know people want to see video tours, and we think virtual viewings are not only necessary now, but they will also be around for many years to come.

Benefits of virtual viewings

If you still need to be persuaded of why you should consider virtual viewings, here are the benefits:

Virtual viewings save time – vital in the promotional process

In the property market, every minute counts. Vendors want to speed up the sales process without compromising on the quality of the sales process, and this is why virtual viewings are of great importance and significance.

If a buyer has an interest in the property, they can enjoy a detailed look at the property from the comfort of their own home. This helps the buyer to develop confidence in the house at a faster rate, which can only be of benefit in processing a property deal.

Virtual viewings save money

Recording a video tour is a great way to save money, as it can be used time and time again. This increases the value for money return of making the video, and it can save other costs. It keeps the agent and buyer transport costs lower, and the vendor doesn’t have to prepare the home for each likely buyer.

The preparation work for a viewing mainly involves time, but there are some costs associated with the process. Reducing the costs involved for the vendor, buyer and agent is helpful in the sales process.

Virtual viewings make homes more accessible

Virtual tours remove accessibility issues that sometimes arise with property viewings. Some prospective buyers don’t keep standard working hours, or they may not be close enough to arrange a visit of the property.

With a virtual tour, these potential buyers aren’t inconvenienced, which means a more significant number of potential buyers can view the property. This will hopefully enhance the chances of selling the house.

Video content assists with promoting the property

When it comes to promoting a property, there is a need to reach out to potential buyers. Therefore, SEO is vital, because when your content can be found by people who are searching for it, there is more chance of likely buyers wanting to engage you.

Also, video content is shared freely on social media. If someone sees your video and knows someone looking for a home like the one in the video, it is easier for them to share the video, hopefully helping vendors to reach more buyers.

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