West Hampstead Cocktails To Your Door

11th May 2020 posted in Property News

There are many reasons to love local life in West Hampstead. The homes are great, there are plenty of highly-regarded schools, and most people find there are more than enough transport options. However, finding your ideal place to stay is about more than the house and essential amenities. You need these factors, but by themselves, they aren’t enough.

Thankfully, West Hampstead has a fantastic nightlife, and people looking to stay in an area where they have a vibrant social scene have a lot to enjoy about this part of London. Of course, this isn’t relevant right now during the lockdown, but in the long-term, West Hampstead is an ideal place to stay because you are never short of a fantastic option when you are looking for a night out.

Stay in touch with your favourite things

However, in the short-term, you can stay in touch with your local customs and favourite things. We know a lot of people love a cocktail or two at Heads + Tails. This isn’t just a venue for residents; people come from far and wide to sample the drinks and atmosphere at 175 West End Lane.

There may not be much you can do to replicate the buzz and energy on offer from a night out here, but you can enjoy the drinks which play a massive role in the brilliant times on offer here. Locals can order classic cocktails from Heads + Tails by slerp.com, and there is also a chance to order from the venue’s website, found at headsandtails.bar.

There is a same-day delivery service, until 9 pm each day, for people living within a three-mile radius of the venue. Anyone who lives further afield can arrange a nationwide delivery. If you have been telling friends or family members about the great times and drinks you have experienced in West Hampstead, you can direct them to the website and let them see what you have been talking about!

What is your favourite cocktail?

There is an extensive selection of drinks on offer, but standards such as Negroni’s or an Old Fashioned have pride of place here. With long and short drinks, highballs and wine on the menu, you can relax and let your favourite local bar do all the work for you.

These are challenging times, and it is perfectly acceptable for people to miss their favourite bar. You may not be able to visit these places or physically spend time with friends at the moment, but it is possible to remain in touch with the things you love.

The West Hampstead social scene is just one of the key reasons why people love living in this area. Hopefully, it will not be too long before we can mix and mingle again, but of course, staying safe and following social distancing regulations is the most important thing. However, it is great to know you can still enjoy a taste of the finer things when you are at home.

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