West Hampstead Street Art Supporting NHS

21st May 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

In times of adversity, it is pleasing to see people develop a community spirit. There are many reasons to love local life in West Hampstead, but we appreciate the sense of togetherness that is present. We know these are challenging times, but a lot of the work carried out by people and businesses in the local area is a boost right now.

We’ve loved seeing some of the street art which has been added in support of the NHS in West Hampstead. Anything which brightens up surroundings while showing our gratitude is an excellent addition to the local community.

However, it seems as though the artwork will have a more tangible benefit to the NHS too.

Donations are being put to good use

There was a competition over Easter on the Hocroft estate, and residents donated to a fund. This money has been given to Paradise Hampstead, located in South End Road. The popular local restaurant has used this money to provide food to local hospitals, including the Whittington and the Royal Free.

A community spokesperson for the Hocroft estate spoke to Ham & High, saying; “The aim was to try and find something which entertained the kids and which could contribute to the NHS. It’s nice to have control of where you’re donating, and my family have always known Wasel at Paradise very well. It just seemed a good thing to do.”

The restaurant has been a fixture in the local community for more than 50 years. Wasel’s father was responsible for opening the restaurant, and it is great to see they are still active in the local community. The plan to serve the local community when a customer asked Wasel to get involved.

A local institution is helping out

Wasel spoke to local media, saying; “We have been here 51 years and often support the Royal Free in different ways. When Covid 19 hit we wanted to look to how we could help but didn’t know quite what to do. While doing this a lot of our customers started saying ‘is there any way I can buy a meal for the hospital?’”

The customer was an NHS dentist who was calling on restaurants to back the NHS, and there has already been a positive impact. The money raised so far will be enough to feed NHS staff on two nights a week for the “next few months”.

Wasel also said; “We’ll follow it through effectively until things start to get better. We’re only doing the simple things that people will like and that are easy to eat when someone’s on a busy shift.”

The weekly applause for the NHS is a nice touch, but the offer of free food twice a week is a nice touch. It is great to see local people coming together to support others in this challenging time, but this shouldn’t be a surprise in West Hampstead.

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