What Are Your Favourite Activities During Lockdown?

22nd June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

At Hunters West Hampstead, we do our best to remain in touch with the housing market. As a team, we are committed to supporting the local community, using our expertise of the area to assist you in making your next move. Also, as Hunters is a national chain, we are connected to what is happening around the country, which ensures you receive the best standard of guidance and advice.

We keep in touch with what is happening in the local housing market, but we also keep in touch with what is happening with people. Some people have a natural interest in what other people do and say, but for us, it is purely professional! Knowing what people like and what they are doing helps us provide you with the best standard of service.

Therefore, when Rightmove asked people what they have been doing at home during the lockdown, we were naturally interested.

Lockdown has allowed people to try new things

Rightmove discovered there has been a growth in the following activities during lockdown:

·         Exercising at home rose by 36%

·         Arts and crafts activities rose by 21%

·         DIY work rose by 17%

·         Gardening indoors rose by 19% while gardening outdoors increased by 15%

·         Cooking and baking increased by 12%

While the increase in gardening indoors is of interest, it is important to note this is different from the actual number of people gardening indoors versus outdoors. Given the weather of late, and current circumstances, anyone who has access to a garden is likely to have been spending a lot of time there.

Also, if you have been active on social media of late, you will know the activities which have been hugely popular. There was a period when everyone was cooking up a storm in the kitchen! If you weren’t baking banana bread or sourdough bread, you were in the minority, or so it seemed from social media.

What do people intend to do after lockdown?

Rightmove also asked people about changes they intend to stick to when we move forward out of lockdown, and the following responses were made:

·         89% of respondents intend to exercise outdoors in the future

·         82% of respondents say they will continue reading

·         82% of respondents say they intend to continue gardening outdoors

·         78% of respondents say cooking and booking will remain part of their life

·         74% of respondents intend to watch movies and TV shows

·         71% of respondents intend to indulge in arts and crafts

While it is vital people remain active and lead a healthy lifestyle during lockdown, there is nothing wrong with taking things easy. If you have managed to catch up with your favourite films or watched a lot of TV, that’s perfectly fine!

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