What Equipment Did People Buy For Working From Home?

7th May 2020 posted in Property News

With so many people working from home, it is interesting to see the changes that people have made to their house. Now that the novelty of remote working has worn off, and with the likelihood of remote working becoming more common, people are taking steps to become more comfortable when they work from their house.

While many roles require little more than a laptop or computer and an internet connection for people to work from home, there is often a lot more involved. If you are going to spend a lot of hours each day in front of your computer screen, you want to do so comfortably.

People want to feel comfortable when they are working

Therefore, there is no surprise that many people have bought items to facilitate remote working. With most stores which sell computer equipment temporarily closed, e-commerce has welcomed the vast majority of shoppers in this sector, and some of the e-commerce consumer patterns for March illuminate the impact the lockdown period has had on people around the country.

Supposedly the increase of computer monitors rose by 172%; there was an increase of 104% for office chairs and office desk purchases rose by 89%. It is one thing to browse a laptop or tablet for a short period in front of the TV or bed, but when you are working, people need more stability and consistency.

There was also a notable spike in demands placed on technology companies. In December 2019, Zoom hosted 10 million meets a day. In March 2020, the same company hosted 200 million meets daily. This is a significant spike and indicative of the way people are now working.

Will remote working affect the housing market?

As for the housing market, there might be a knock-on effect in the longer term. Google information for April indicated there was a 190% increase in Garden Office Pods. This means homeowners are looking to incorporate a suitable working space in addition to their home. When the market moves forward, it is likely buyers will place a greater level of importance on a suitable home working space when they look at a property.

For 2019, only 5% of the working population in the UK predominately worked from home, and less than 30% of the total workforce had even tried working from home. It is fair to say that by the end of 2020, both these figures will have changed significantly.

While no one is willing to predict the future with any degree of certainty, there is a confidence that more people and businesses will decide remote working is a substantial part of their working practices. This can save time and money, and if it doesn’t hamper working practices or business outcomes, it makes sense to allow people to do as much work as they can from the comfort of their own home.

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