Which Room Renovations Will Boost Your House Value the Most?

19th May 2014 posted in Sellers

With a flurry of home-related TV shows currently gracing our screens, DIY and home renovation have become more popular than ever, and homeowners are now making changes left right and centre to boost the value of their property.

There are the obvious ways to increase property value, such as building a swimming pool in your garden or adding an extension to the back of your home, but sometimes it is easier to renovate the existing rooms in order to increase the value of a property.


A kitchen renovation should be at the top of your list when it comes to added property value, as this is the room that people spend the most time in and is effectively the heart of your home. Buyers tend to like a kitchen that has modern conveniences and an up-to-date style.

The first thing you need to do is upgrade all your appliances to stainless steel and change your counter tops – this can make a huge difference aesthetically. Another great move when it comes to a kitchen renovation is to knock down any existing walls between the kitchen and dining room. This will create a modern kitchen-diner and make your whole home feel more spacious.


A bathroom can very easily look old and dirty, so is one of the easiest rooms to make a difference with. Just by changing up the bath, sink and toilet, your bathroom will look like a completely different space.

There are other smaller changes you can make too though, such as installing a vanity, changing your showerhead to a rainforest shower and upgrading your lighting. Your bathroom needs to look clean and fresh at all times and have as much natural lighting as possible.

Outdoor Space

The first thing a buyer will see is your garden, so it is key to make the best first impression possible. Giving your garden a bit of a make over is a good investment, as it will add value to your home and help attract more buyers.

Another must-have for many buyers is a garage or parking space outside a house, so if you are thinking of converting your garage, then think again. Having extra space can make a big difference outside a house, so make sure you make yours look as appealing as possible.


Research found that by converting your loft, you could increase the value of your home by around 21%. You will need planning consent and a suitable space, but it is worth it for the amount of money you could get in return.

There are a few different things to think about when it comes to converting your loft. The first thing is where the stairs will go in regards to existing rooms – think about the impact they will have on the rest of the property. Another consideration is the height available in the loft itself – you will need at least 2.2m at the top of the stairs and is important to be able to stand up straight.

Low Value

There are actually some renovations that won’t add much value to your property at all. Laying down carpet is one thing that many homeowners do as part of a renovation project, but it may actually just have a negative effect. Most people want smooth hardwood floors these days, so having carpets to rip up is actually seen as more of a hindrance.

Many luxury upgrades may seem like a good idea in your mind, but they may not be something a buyer might like. Don’t splash out too much money on marble flooring or expensive lighting, as the chances are they may just end up getting replaced or changed.

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