Who Is Buying Homes In Forest Hill?

9th April 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

If you are looking to sell your home, you need to know who the most likely buyers are. When you are aware of the buyers in your local area, you can present your home to meet their tastes, and you can promote your property to catch their eye. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your home, it is natural to ask who is buying homes in Forest Hill?

No matter the area in London, there are usually a couple of critical features of the local area that define the market for the area. While many think of steep roads and inclines when they think of Forest Hill, for the property market, the two key features are the straightforward commute to the city and the wealth of Victorian houses.

Forest Hill appeals to young families

These factors make Forest Hill the ideal setting for young families. Given that there is a selection of well-regarded schools in the Forest Hill area, the benefits for families are apparent, but many people have overlooked what Forest Hill has to offer. Perhaps its location on the South Circular has led many people to travel through the area without pondering what it has to offer, but these people may be missing out.

There is a variety of houses on offer in Forest Hill, and while there are many Victorian homes, there are also Georgian houses, semi-detached properties from the 1930s and the art deco flats in the area are hugely appealing. However, there have also been new builds introduced to Forest Hill, so there should be something for everyone who is considering buying property in this part of the capital.

First-time buyers are considering buying in Forest Hill

There is no denying that Forest Hill has become an area where first-time buyers are active. In addition to the highly-rated primary schools, the district has a low crime rate, another appealing factor when considering areas to grow a family. As well as being handily located for commuters heading to the City, London Bridge is only 15 minutes away, which means that living in Forest Hill is an ideal commuter hub.

While families and young professionals are keen to buy in Forest Hill, it is also evident that investors and landlords have an interest in the area. The straightforward connection to Canary Wharf makes this a fantastic option for tenants, and there is even an opportunity to capitalise on the student market in Forest Hill. A growing number of students have found themselves priced out of areas like Dulwich and Brockley, perhaps more instantly recognised as student-friendly locations, and this makes Forest Hill a more attractive proposition.

This demand for rental property has provided investors with an impetus to consider Forest Hill, and if you are looking to sell your home, it may be that the chief interest comes from those seeking to let the property after they have purchased it.

If you need assistance in reaching out to the most likely buyers in Forest Hill, please come and speak to us. At Hunters Forest Hill, we know the local area well, and we are present in areas like New Cross, Peckham, Dulwich and Brockley. When it comes to selling your home in confidence, come and speak with the local specialists.