Why Leeds Is so Popular with Students

19th February 2019 posted in Property News Tenants

Year after year, a new batch of students embark on their new university adventure in the great city of Leeds.

With a number of options to choose from - including University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Trinity University - it’s easy to see why.

There are approximately 60,000 students in Leeds alone.

Not only are these institutions of excellent quality, but the city itself is a fantastic place to live.

And it’s big enough that you can choose between many different places to live. Some are very student-centric, whilst others are a bit quieter.

Hunters can help you find something suitable, so you can attend university whilst living in a comfortable space.

Here is why we’d recommend living in Leeds…

There’s Lots of Things to Do

You won’t be left bored in Leeds.

Even on a student’s budget, there are plenty of activities to get involved in, and lots of places to go that are affordable, or even free.

The Royal Armories Museum is well worth a visit, and if you’re into art (there’s lots of arts students in Leeds), then Leeds Art Gallery should be on your radar.

As this is Yorkshire, there’s also many excellent outdoor spaces to visit. Roundhay Park in particular, and Temple Newsam too.

We’d also recommend Kirkstall Abbey. There are often food stalls located here on a weekend, throughout most of the year.

Great Places to Eat

Leeds is home to many excellent restaurants, for people with all sorts of tastes, and on a variety of different budgets.

The city centre is packed with fine dining options - from the Brazilian spot Fazenda, to Turkish favourite Ephesus Restaurant.

In addition, you’ll find a number of market stalls throughout the city, as well as along it’s outskirts in various places.

And you’re never too far away from a good pub, with classic British grub on offer at very reasonable prices.

There isn’t really anything Leeds doesn’t have in terms of cuisine - if you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, it’s a great place to live.

It Boasts Great Nightlife

Leeds is often deemed to have one of the best nightlife scenes for students in the UK.

Regular surveys are held that have Leeds up there with Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

And it’s easy to see why.

The city centre has countless pubs, clubs and bars - many of which will cater specifically for students on certain nights of the week.

Prices are not unreasonable. Not as cheap as some places, but you can certainly afford a night out without breaking the bank.

Nightlife is typically seen as one of the biggest reasons young people choose to study in Leeds. If it’s important for you to go somewhere with a good social scene, you can’t go wrong here.

Excellent Student Accommodation

As there are so many students in Leeds, there needs to be a suitable amount of accommodation.

Hunters can help you find somewhere to live.

As a student, naturally it won’t be luxury living (unless you’ve received a very generous grant!) - but we have plenty of flats and house share options for you to choose from.

Typically students will stay in university residencies in their first year, before finding somewhere private in their second year with the friends they’ve made.

If that’s your current situation - get in touch with Hunters today to see how we can help.

Or browse our current list of places available to rent.