Why should you move to Easingwold?

29th April 2021 posted in Buyers

Have you ever thought about moving to Easingwold?
You should. In our opinion, it's one of the best places to live in Yorkshire.

Whether you're renting or buying, you'll find plenty of options in our beautiful small market town - suitable for every budget.

But the excellent housing market is just one of the many benefits of moving to Easingwold. It might be small (the population is less than 5,000), but there's a lot of culture and history to this place.
Here, we're going to go through a few of our favourite things about Easingwold.

We reckon you're soon to be convinced that it should be your next home.

The key factors to consider are:

Beautiful setting and scenery

Plenty to do and keep you active

Family-friendly community

Lots of housing styles and options

Close enough to pop into the city

It Boasts the Most Beautiful Scenery

Picture perfect. Look at any landscape picture of Easingwold, and you'll be convinced of its natural beauty.
Incredible greenery, as far as the eye can see.
Rolling hills and gorgeous woodlands are plenty. If you're a nature lover, then this is the place for you to be.
Modern-looking buildings have not diminished the beauty of this town. It's an area with a lot of history, reflected in the houses, pubs, and local shops.
Granted, it's a small town, so there aren't a lot of buildings to get excited about. But it does a lot with the little it has.

There are lots of things to do

If living out in the countryside is appealing to you - then you're likely to enjoy the many nature-related activities Easingwold has to offer.
Particularly if you're a fan of walking, there are many different routes for you to try.
And they're all of a different variety - whether you like a challenge or more of a walk in the park, you won't be disappointed.
If you're into sports, then you'll be delighted to know there are several excellent golf courses in the area.
And of course, there's the local football, bowling and cricket club.
Easingwold CC is one of Yorkshire's oldest clubs - they'll be very proud to tell you.
If you consider yourself a Foodie, you'll also be more than happy with what Easingwold and the surrounding villages have to offer. Easingwold's cafe culture and an array of eateries from takeaways to fine dining are superb, and we don't think you'll be disappointed.

It's a great place for families

Often people assume a town out in the countryside is ideal for retirees.
But that's not necessarily the case. Your typical family of four would be very happy here, we feel.
For working parents, the city of York is only 13 miles away. It doesn't take too long to get there by car, and there is also a bus route.
And for children, the local schools are all outstanding. You can count on your child getting an excellent education in Easingwold.
Fantastic housing options

As we've already mentioned, Easingwold has a great housing market. And Hunters is ideally placed to help you understand this market and find a suitable place to live.
We do have places for sale and rent, so if you're not quite ready to get on the property ladder, don't worry.
There's also something to suit different budgets. For example, a two-bedroom flat can be purchased for somewhere in the region of £40,000 to £60,000 for shared ownership schemes. In comparison, freehold properties average between £100,000 and £180,000.
You can generally get a three-bedroom detached house from an average of £229,000 up to £1,300,00, with a median price of £350,000. And £43,000 to £65,000 for shared ownership schemes.

Whatever your requirements, the local Hunters team can help. Get in touch today so we can get started!