Why Spring is the Best Time to Sell Your House

18th February 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Almost any estate agent will tell you that the best time of the year to sell a house is in the spring, closely followed by early autumn.

With holidays planned in the summer months and school starting in September, the last thing you want to be doing between June and October is sorting out removal vans and dealing with the goings on of moving house.

The winter months are usually cold and with Christmas on everyone’s mind, buying a house is unlikely to be a top priority. It is however a good time to start planning if you want to sell your house in the spring.

So with spring just around the corner, what is it that makes the season so special when it comes to selling your house?

Sunny Appeal

Everything looks better when it's lit up by the sun, your whole house will look brighter and more appealing in the sunny spring air. One of the key features of any house is the garden and there is nothing better than looking round a house when the first flowers of the year are starting to bloom and grow.

More Viewings

Warm and sunny weather always gets people out of the house, so spring is a great time to maximise the number of people coming to view your home. As with the people selling the house, those looking to buy it are also likely to be busy in the summer months and be thinking of Christmas during autumn and winter.

Spring Cleaning

As the warmer months roll around, this is the perfect time to dig out your feather duster and start cleaning your house from top to bottom. Any items that can be washed, such as curtains and rugs, can then be hung out to dry in the fresh air, rather than taking up space in your house. As you clean each room you can also open windows and doors to get fresh air inside to dust off any remaining winter cobwebs.



Often the things that can let your home down, both inside and out, are minor problems that can easily be fixed with a bit of hard work and elbow grease. Spring is a great time to make any general repairs or do some DIY around the home, whether its varnishing your decking or giving a room a new lick of paint. Small things can often make the difference to buyers looking for a new house.

New Home

If you are part of a chain and therefore need to sell your house before you can buy a new one, the sooner you put your house on the market the better. By selling your house in the spring time, you then have the rest of the year to find and organise the purchase of your new house, meaning you are more likely to have a new home in time for Christmas.

If you are considering selling your house this year, then its time to start planning and preparing it for viewings, first impressions are everything so it’s important that you make an effort before opening it up to potential buyers. Hopefully the tips above will set you on your way to a fast and efficient sale come the sunny months of spring.

This article was written by Matthew Fine Managing Director of Hunters Marylebone branch.

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