Why You Should Consider Renting in East Grinstead

18th February 2019 posted in Property News Tenants

East Grinstead is a beautiful town in south-east England.

With a population of just 26,000, it’s well suited to those who prefer the quiet life - as opposed to the busy atmosphere of a major city.

But it is becoming more and more popular, particularly amongst families.

If you’re considering moving to the region, we would absolutely recommend living in East Grinstead. It has a strong rental market, so you’re very likely to find somewhere suitable.

One of the major benefits is that, whilst you can enjoy a quieter life, it is within commutable distance of London.

For that reason and many others, East Grinstead should be your next home.

East Grinstead Is a Fantastic Place to Live

The vast majority of East Grinstead residents are proud to call it their home.

And it’s easy to see why. A quick tour of the area demonstrates what a beautiful place it is, with the main high-street in particular a highlight.

Crime rates are low, which allows for a friendly, community-bound atmosphere to thrive.

As mentioned, families are particularly attracted to the lure of East Grinstead. But retirees and professionals also see this as a suitable home for them.

Many find the town’s rich history appealing. It was first established as a small village in the year 1086.

Easy Commute to London

East Grinstead is located 27 miles south of London.

Not an easy or relatively fast commute, but many find it suitable enough, and head into the city for work almost every day.

A train can take you from East Grinstead to London Victoria in just under an hour.

It’s also worth noting that Brighton is just 21 miles south of East Grinstead. Some choose to commute to the coastal town instead.

In addition, Gatwick Airport is just 10 miles away. Coaches and buses are typically available to take you here, or you could get a taxi - which wouldn’t be too expensive.

Great Family Town

We’ve already talked about how popular this town is for families.

One of the reasons it’s so appealing to parents is the good standard of schools. In fact, many of them are considered excellent.

There are plenty of options too. You’ll find at least 10 primary schools and four secondary schools in the area.

This includes a mixture of both private and state schools. There are even more choices if you expand your outlook to Kent, and other surrounding areas.

Unfortunately there isn’t a university - but with London nearby, there are plenty of opportunities for young adults to continue their education.

Rental Housing Options

If you’re planning on renting your next property - as opposed to buying - then you’ll find East Grinstead more than suitable.

You can see a current list of available homes from Hunters here.

Whether you’d like to live in a house or flat, with two, three of four bedrooms, we’re confident we can find something that meets all your needs.

Hunters has a local branch in the area, staffed by experts with extensive knowledge of East Grinstead.

Talk to us today about finding you a place to rent.