Will Technology Remove The Need For Property Viewings?

27th March 2019 posted in Sellers Buyers

The property market has significantly changed by new technology. The emergence of the internet revolutionised the way people search for homes. There are still many traditional aspects of the property market, and there always will be, but it is easy to see that technology has changed the way people buy and sell homes.

At Hunters Camberwell, we have viewed these changes and improvements with great interest. Anything which helps people find their ideal home or conclude a transaction with a higher degree of confidence is positive news. Buying or selling a home is likely to be the most significant decision a person or household makes. Therefore, providing support or further evidence when making a decision can only be a positive thing.

Further improvements can be made in property market

Every critical aspect of a property transaction is ripe for improvement, and many people have questioned whether technology removes the need for property viewings? There have been some advances which impact on this area, including:

·        Improved communication tools allowing for easier arranging and scheduling of viewings

·        Video walkthrough content enabling prospective buyers to see more of the home before they attend a viewing

·        3D maps of a home allowing potential buyers to know the flow of the house before they visit

These are just some of the changes that have impacted on the need for viewings. However, technology is not yet at the stage where technology can replace the need for property viewings. Virtual reality technology can place you into any room around the world, but with the money required to buy a home, people want to see their new home in person.

There is an argument that improvements in viewing technology will significantly help overseas buyers to feel more confident about a property purchase. Many of these deals are carried out through brokers or trusted assistance. However, if the eventual buyer can ‘walk-through’ a potential home from the comfort of their own home or office, anywhere in the world, it will provide them with more confidence in the findings from their trusted source.

People want to feel confident when buying a house

There is no denying that improvements in this area can persuade more people to see a home in person, and in this regard, the technology will help house sales. However, it is hard to imagine that most homeowners will be happy to buy a home without having the chance to visit the property.

While the size and flow of a room is essential, people like to get a feel for the property and the local area. Buyers can gain a sense of identity and atmosphere from walking around a home, and many buyers trust their gut instinct when it comes to buying a home. Virtual viewings can help people to feel more confident about what a home has to offer, but technology isn’t going to replace home viewings soon.

If you are selling your home and need help conducting viewings, contact Hunters Camberwell. We are pleased to say we have assisted many Camberwell vendors in selling their home and we look forward to helping you soon.