Letting in Bethnal Green Guide

Thanks to massive investment and redevelopment in recent years, Bethnal Green has quickly become a trendy London location. It has quickly become popular with professionals and families alike, and given the expense of getting onto the London property ladder, most are looking to rent initially. This means that landlords are able to profit hugely in this area With the smallest properties starting at around £250,000, it’s still possible to invest less and gain more from Bethnall Green at this point. Depending on your means and existing portfolio, you may be more interested in the larger and more luxurious investment opportunities in the area. A prices increase, so does the size and splendor of homes, Quickly you’ll reach the £1million threshold, and after this find a number of luxurious properties available for between £1million and £2million.

£250k -300k

Studios in Bethnal Green first appear on the market for as little as £250k, but this quickly becomes £300k, at which point you can expect to find modernised, open plan living spaces with clever storage solutions and high fixtures and fittings. These properties are scattered throughout Bethnal Green, so you’ll always be close to transport links and the many amenities the area has to offer. The yields on studios are typically upwards of £1050pcm, and quickly increasing to a standard £1300 each month. The first one bedroomed properties come onto the market at £300k but these are rare and never stay on the market for long, so be sure to book viewings quickly before these homes are snapped up. In turn, these properties yield between £1300 and £1500pcm, and depending on the interiors fittings this can escalate further to bring in a wonderful £1750 each month.

325k - 400k

For true 1 bedroomed properties in this area, you should anticipate spending upwards of £325k in Bethnal Green. Even the most basic of properties can yield at the very least £1400pcm. Renters at this price point expect to find lashings of natural light and contemporary designs. To yield higher rents, consider renovating with minimalistic interiors to give renters a blank canvas to work with. Classical, timeless styling will also weather longer, decreasing the amount of time spent on replacing and redecorating the furnishings. As prices increase up to £350k you come across homes with more defined rooms as opposed to open plan living spaces. You also come across 2 bedroomed properties at £350k but their scarcity means they’re quickly snapped up. In terms of investment opportunities, these are a gold mine which can bring in an expected minimum of £1800 to £2000 pcm.


For groups of sharing professionals or young families looking to make their home in Bethnal Green, a great range of 2 bedroomed properties are available for between £400k and £500k. At the lower end of this scale 2 bedroomed homes abound, with modern fixtures and fittings throughout. These require very little in the way of renovation and can quickly be made ready for professional lets. If you’re looking to get into the luxury market, there are also 1 bedroomed homes in this price bracket, situated in conceirged buildings and home to great amenities. Homes in this range can easy earn £2000 to £2500 pcm, depending on the location, and even what floor of the building they’re located upon. When prices go up to £450k and above, rare 3 bedroomed homes come onto the market. These are typically more compact than the 2 bedroomed properties in this bracket, but are still close to all that Bethnal Green has to offer. Homes such as these have a similar yield to 2 bedroomed properties, so if you’re looking for high returns on 3 bedroomed homes, it might be worth investing in a higher value property. Since these lower priced properties are few and far between, make sure to book your viewings quickly to secure the best deals.

£500k - £650k

Above the half a million pound mark, the demand for family homes increases greatly, with 3 bedroomed homes become common and somewhat more spacious. Recent renovations make these homes ready to let immediately. The expected yield starts at £2300pcm and typically tops out at £2700 pcm for homes with this initial investment, but as always, there are rare exceptions to the rule. In this price range you also see more luxury 2 bedroomed apartments in the newest of Bethnal Green’s many developments. These properties can expect to bring in upwards of £2800 pcm, or possibly more if they’re in more sought after streets or gated developments. When you investigate the market above £550k, all of thse homes become larger, giving renters more space to stretch out and relax.

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£650k - £800k

This is the price range is where you can find the first penthouse apartments in Bethnal Green, in fact, this bracket is dominated by luxurious one and two bedoomed apartments on the higher floors of brand new developments. For two bedroomed penthouses, rents begin at £3800pcm and slowly increase up to £4500pcm.In house amenities in these buildings range from 24 hour conceirges to gyms and communal landscaped gardens. Features such as these of course increase the yields of these properties, but there are also larger non-penthouse homes in this price bracket to explore too.

£800k - £1million

Just as the previous price bracket was dominated by one type of property, this bracket is dominated by another. For between £800,000 and £1Million you can find a wide selection of modern 3 and 4 bedroomed terraced homes which are perfect for larger families. For £2600pcm renters expect to find a 3 bedroomed terraces with modern white goods and timeless furnishings. 4 bedroomed flats also have a similar yield for a similar investment. Above a £900k investment, rental yields are typically above £3000 pcm so long as the properties are well maintained and managed. For 3 and 4 bedroomed penthouses, it’s necessary to move up to the next price bracket.

£1million - £2million

Finally, we come to the uppermost property price bracket in Bethnall Green, though this may not be the case for long. For between £1million and £2million you can invest in the very finest properties that this area has to offer. In this range there are a smattering of terraced houses which yield upwards of £3200 pcm, luxury apartments with a yield of £3500 and even some penthouse properties which easily fetch in £4000 pcm at the very least. Though these properties have a much higher initial investment they’re highest rental yields are currently unknown. Homes such as these are investments into the future, with Bethnal Green’s increasing popularity they’re yields are set only to increase in the next few years.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a solid introduction into the investments versus yields that Bethnal Green has to offer. With that said, Hunters understand that every landlord’s means and needs are different, and more information is always useful. Get in touch with our office today to find out more.