Buying in Brentford

Situated in West London, Brentford is the historic county town of Middlesex, and is currently home to around 30,000 people. With a variety of properties, from Georgian homes to modern waterfront apartments, Brentford is a popular place for professionals and families alike. It also has excellent transport links, with two train stations, the start of the M4 corridor and Boston Manor underground station. The famous Griffin Park, the home of Brentford FC, is the only football ground to have a pub on each corner.


1 Bedroom


There are many one bedroom properties in the Brentford area, as it is particularly popular with young city-centre workers.  At the lower end of the price scale, around £250k, you can expect a cosy and contemporary one bedroom or studio apartment, ideal for single occupancy.

At the top end of the price bracket, which can touch just over £500k, you’ll likely be able to secure a luxury, newly-built apartment with views of the River Thames, and be a stone’s throw from the nearest train station.

The average price of a one bedroom property in Brentford is between £325k and £375k amd for this you will find a modern, nicely presented flat or apartment, equipped with all the essentials and may even come with a view.


2 Bedrooms


Similarly to one bedroom properties, two bedroom properties are common in Brentford. With a lower end asking price of £250k, they are popular with professional couples or singles who want a little more living space.

The average price of a property of this size is around £400k, however the type of property you can get for this figure is varied, with some ultra-modern apartments available in the area, as well as the occasional house or maisonette, however the latter are likely to need some updating and decoration.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range property, then prices can go as high as £1,000,000.  For this figure, you can expect an exclusive, modern and stylish apartment, likely to be along the riverbank or have views of the Thames. Many properties like this also have a rooftop terrace, perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine after a long week at work in the city.


3 Bedrooms


Three bedroom properties start at a considerably higher price tag than one or two bedroom homes, at around £400,000, due to the additional space and demand for them. Properties of this nature are often looked for by young families or professional couples who are planning for the future. The average price for a property like this is around £600k, but it is possible to secure a house of a good standard for slightly less than this.

For those looking for a statement property, then many of the apartment blocks in the area have penthouse apartments at their summit, which usually have three or more bedrooms.  These can go on the market for over £1.2m, but offer the ultimate luxury, convenience and standard of living.


4 Bedrooms


If you’re looking for a larger property, perhaps as a family home, then there are a number of options when it comes to four bedroom properties in Brentford.

Large apartments and maisonettes start from around £500k, and have a good amount of space in them. Often with gardens or terraces and situated in convenient locations close to public transport links to the City, these properties are a good investment. If you’re looking for a house, then the average house price for a property of this size is around £700k, but it is possible to buy for slightly less, with a guide price depending on the standard of the interior decoration, the area, and additional features such as off-road parking, garages and gardens.

The most expensive four bedroom houses in this area can go for over £1,000,000.


5 Bedrooms


Five bedroom properties can be difficult to come by in this area, simply as a result of the space available to developers. As a minimum, buyers should be looking at a £600k spend, and this will typically secure a Victorian or 1920’s property, which may be in need of a little TLC. The average price of a home of this size is around £800k, and although they rarely come to market, they make the perfect family home, with an abundance of space both inside and out.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, then a waterfront townhouse or Georgian home could be yours for around £1.3m.