Buying in Bridlington

Buying a property in Bridlington is an achievable goal for many people. Housing prices in this small town are very much affordable, especially when compared to other parts of the UK. That being said, there are properties on the market to suit most budgets. Here’s a small guide on what you can expect to buy in each price range.

£45k - £75k

Yes, it’s possible to buy a property in Bridlington for as little as £45k. Obviously this won’t be anything particularly extravagant. A simple, small one bedroom flat - possibly a studio - is all you can expect. But if your budget is very small, and you don’t have need for much space, then this should suit you perfectly. These flats go up to about £75k. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a two bedroom flat at the higher end of the bracket.

£75k - £100k

Again, your options are quite limited to flats in this price range. They will normally be one or two bedroom, but perhaps a little more spacious than those in the £45k-£75k bracket. And they’re likely to be in a nicer neighbourhood too. If you do have the extra budget, it’s definitely worth considering a property in the 75k+ range - the additional room will allow you a more comfortable lifestyle.

£100k - £150k

This is where you really begin to see the array of options available to you. In this price range, you can afford a flat, semi-detached or terraced house. And the number of bedrooms can vary from one to five. Yes, you can afford a five bedroom house for somewhere between £100k and £150k. It won’t be the most luxurious property. But if you have a decent size family, and a modest budget, then this could have you set.

£150k - £250k

This is where you’ll find your classic, semi-detached, three bedroom house. Typically located in a nice area, with low crime and access to good schools, these houses are quite popular with families. Occasionally, you’ll find a four bedroom property at the higher end of this range. Also often available on the market are flats, and even the occasional bungalow. So, once again, you’ve got plenty of choice.


You won’t often find a million pound property on the market in Bridlington (although it does occasionally happen), so £250k-£500k is the most you can expect to spend. But you can get some real luxury for this price. These will generally be detached homes, with some featuring as many as seven or eight bedrooms. It’s also possible to find a couple of hotels on the market within this price range, if you’re interested in running a business, or converting one into a large home. As you can see, there are a variety of different types of properties in Bridlington. And it doesn’t really matter what your budget is - as a small flat can be bought for as little as £45k! You can use our search function to find what you’re looking for in Bridlington.