Renting in Bridlington

Looking to rent a property in Bridlington? You’ll be happy to know it is a very affordable place to live. If you’re new to the area, or will be moving there soon, you will appreciate the low rental costs. That being said, there are options if you have a more substantial budget. Here, we’ve written a quick guide to give you an idea of what to expect, depending on how much you’re able to spend each month.

£350 - £400 p/m

This is the least you can expect to pay for a property in Bridlington. It won’t get you much. A basic, one bedroom flat - but if that’s all you need, there’s no point spending any more than £400 p/m. If you manage to find a ground floor flat, then there’s a chance you’ll get the added benefit of a garden too. But other than that, the features are very minimal.

£400 - £500 p/m

Does your budget stretch to the £500 mark? Then your options open up a little, although you’ll still probably be restricted to somewhere quite small. The type of property available is usually limited to flats and terraced housing - you might be able to find an end terrace if you’re lucky. Normally, they will have a maximum of two bedrooms. If you need more than that you’ll have to move up a bracket. For a couple of friends living together, these places are very much suitable.

£500 - £600 p/m

This is where you’ll find properties with more than the standard two bedrooms. Again, they’ll usually be flats and terraced houses - but you might be lucky enough to find a semi-detached house, or even a bungalow. Featuring as many as four bedrooms, these are more suitable for families, or a larger group of friends wanting to live together. The more spacious houses don’t come on the market too often. So if you see one, take it whilst you can.

£600+ p/m

You shouldn’t need to spend much more than £600 p/m to rent a property in Bridlington. If you do have this in your budget, you can afford a semi-detached property, normally located in quite a nice area. It will probably feature between three and four bedrooms. Flats are also available in this price range, but are typically set aside as ‘retirement apartments’, as part of a larger complex. Want to rent a property in Bridlington? To get started, see what’s currently available by visiting this page - and searching for ‘Bridlington’.