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Take a look at our properties for sale in Greenwich or read below to find out what your budget is likely to cover.

Greenwich, as a borough in London, can be an expensive place to buy property.

You could spend millions on a house that would be worth a few hundred thousand elsewhere in the UK. But there are a few bargains to be had too - if you happen to be looking at the market at the right time.

Actually purchasing a house is made easier when it’s done with Hunters. We’re here to help you get started, by telling you exactly what you can buy depending on your budget.Buying a Property in Greenwich - Luxury Apartments

£125k - £250k

The least amount you can expect to spend on a property in Greenwich is around £125k.

You could get something for less, but it will likely be a home that needs a lot of renovating.

If this is your budget, you’ll be able to afford a one or two bedroom flat. But not really anything more than that.

These flats are normally part of blocks, and are generally of good quality. Particularly if you’re closer to the £250k mark.

They’re more than suitable for a single professional, or a couple.

£250k - £500k

This price range also features a lot of one, two and even three bedroom flats.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a house, your budget might need to increase further beyond the £500k mark.

But here, you can get a very comfortable flat, complete with a balcony in most cases, and located in a really nice part of Greenwich. Couples will likely find these properties to be very suitable.

Perhaps families, if you can get a three bedroom apartment.

£500k - £1m

Again, flats are found in abundance in this price bracket.

They’re similar to those spoken about before, but a little bigger.

So let’s talk about houses. There are a number of terraced houses normally found on the market, that should be within your budget.

They can feature anywhere between two and five bedrooms.

As you get closer to the £1 million mark, you’ll also find that semi-detached houses become an option - complete with beautiful gardens, and possibly a garage.

Buying a Flat in Greenwich


The most luxurious houses in Greenwich cost in excess of one million pounds. If you can afford it, then expect to live a very comfortable life.

The range of property types available is quite varied. You can buy a flat, a terrace, a detached or semi-detached home. Naturally, these are all a good size, with many of the houses including gardens and lots of external space.

For people with a big budget, they make the perfect family home.

As you can see, your options are dependant on how much you’d like to spend. To take a look at what’s currently available, use our search function.

Our Greenwich estate agents is sure to help you find the perfect home.