Houses for Sale in Harrogate - Buying in Harrogate Guide

Harrogate Houses For Sale - Price Guide

Buying any property is a long term commitment. With high prices still making the headlines, finding finance can be the hardest thing of all.

However, here at Hunters Harrogate, we endeavour to make the process as simple and as painless as possible. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, already have a property, or are looking to move into the buy-to-let market, we’ve put this guide together for you to help make buying a property in Harrogate as stress-free as can be.

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Property Prices in Harrogate

Currently, the average value given on all properties in Harrogate over the past 12 months stands at £319,433 (up 0.99%).

By property type, the average values of Harrogate houses break down like this:


£498,719 (up 0.95%)


£276,559 (up 3.76%)


£234,837 (up 1.02%)


£227,452 (up 2.71%)

What Can You Afford?

There’s no escaping the fact that when buying a property you’ll be making a huge long-term financial commitment where vast sums of money are involved. You therefore need to work out what you can afford before you start getting your hopes up about that 6-bedroom mansion out in the countryside.

Consider your income and how much of it is expendable to secure a mortgage, remembering that you still need enough to pay your bills, afford your car insurance, buy food, and everything else that modern life demands.

We recommend using a budget calculator to help you work out all of your outgoings over the course of a year. You will need to pit this figure against your income, and how much of what’s left will you be willing and able to set aside for your mortgage repayments.

Choosing The Right Mortgage

Before you start your hunt for the perfect property, you need to first secure a mortgage with a lender. This is because when you find the right home you need to be able to strike fast, otherwise you may be beaten to the post by a competing buyer who’s more organised than you, and therefore in a better position to negotiate.

The best mortgage deals are those that are gained by people who are able to put in at least 15% of the property’s value. This avoids being subject to a Higher Lending Fee – so you will have to consider the value of your assets and your savings against what you can afford to pay upfront.

Here at Hunters Harrogate Estate Agents, we are here to help you identify what’s available to you within the parameters of your budget, and will be able to help you source a mortgage broker should you need one.

Finding The Right Property

Here at Hunters Harrogate Estate Agents, it’s our job and our pleasure to help match the right buyers with the right homes, so rest assured that you can rely on our expertise to aid you every step of the way in finding and buying your perfect property.

  • However, you need to consider a number of things, including:
  • The number of bedrooms you will require
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Whether you want a separate kitchen and dining room
  • If you need parking
  • Whether you want a garden and/or a conservatory
  • Your budget for redecorating

Negotiating The Best Deal

Making an offer is a nerve-racking time – especially if you have your heart set on a particular home. You of course want to get the best deal you can get – and so do we – and so there are a few situations where you can gain the upper hand.

If you’re a first-time buyer or a buyer with no chain, and have a prearranged mortgage, then you’re essentially ready to complete and start moving in. This will put you ahead in the eyes of the seller, as you represent fewer complications, and they may well accept a lower offer in order to ensure the sale. However, what you will find is that sellers who are in no hurry to move will be more likely to try and hold out for a higher price, so don’t pitch too low if this is the case.

Whatever the situation, know your budget and stick to it firmly. If the seller won’t budge, then make some very careful considerations before agreeing to the higher price – you might end up having to go without some of the other luxuries in your life to afford the higher mortgage, and you could very well find yourself in a difficult financial position not too far down the line.