Renting in Harrogate Guide - Hunters Letting Agents Harrogate

Do you need to rent a property in Harrogate?

Hunters can help you find the perfect accommodation. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident in getting you a house you’re happy with. Harrogate is quite an affluent area, and so many of the properties require a higher budget than those in other parts of the UK. But if you’re set on living in Harrogate, this guide will tell you what to expect from a property in your price range.

£300 - £600 p/m

This is the least amount you can expect to spend on a place in Harrogate. And given how expensive it can get, this is actually pretty good. Obviously you won’t be living a life of luxury. This will get you a studio apartment, possibly a one bedroom flat. Or it can get you into a house share with a few other people, if you’re comfortable with that. But anything more spacious will require you to move up a price bracket.

£600 - £1,000 p/m

Here you’ll have a few more options. One bedroom flats are still on the table, but you might want to consider an upgrade. Flats in this price range typically have one or two bedrooms, and are found in nicer parts of Harrogate. You could also rent a terraced property, or perhaps a semi-detached house. The standard is two or three bedrooms for each. Occasionally you’ll even see a cottage on the market.

£1,000 - £1,500 p/m

If your monthly budget stretches to four figures, you’ll be able to afford very comfortable, spacious accommodation. The property types here still vary. You’ll find semi-detached, detached and bungalows available - each featuring around two or three bedrooms. Four, if you’re lucky. There are also some terraced houses available, with as many as five bedrooms. You won’t always find a property like this on the market. So when you do, make sure to snap it up quickly.

£1,500 - £2,500 p/m

Here you’re getting into “luxury” territory. We’re talking about large, five bedroom detached houses. With lots of land in the surrounding areas, offering complete privacy. It may be expensive, but if you want to live as comfortably as you possibly can, these properties will provide you with that. And you’ll be living in the most prestigious parts of town.

£2,500+ p/m

The most premium properties in Harrogate come with a premium monthly fee. But if you’re willing to pay it, then go ahead and make plans to move into a property that’s probably worth in the millions of pounds. You get exactly what you want for these prices. A luxury, five or six bedroom detached house in a beautiful area of Harrogate. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with us today. You can view currently available properties by visiting this page.